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5:13pm 22-11-2017
Peter and Adrienne
Wednesday 22nd November: RSPB Saltholme
A very windy and overcast day meant that the birds were sheltering in any leeward spot. Despite that over 45 species were seen on the reserve, the highlights being 4 raptors: Marsh Harrier, Merlin, Kestrel, and Sparrowhawk. The Long Eared Owl was visible from the new viewing area, wellingtons recommended. Green Sandpiper and a Water Pipit were seen from Phil Stead hide. The Wildlife Watchpoint had kingfisher, as well as a Sparrowhawk which was hunting Goldfinches.
Few Geese were present, but all three of the regular species were seen: Canada, Greylag and Barnacle. A good range of ducks was present, a single Shelduck at Saltholme, with large numbers of Wigeon, Teal , Mallard, Shoveler and Gadwall, smaller numbers of Pochard, Tufted Duck, Pintail and a single Red Breasted Merganser. Waders included 50+ Curlew on the wet grasslands, as well as Golden Plover and Lapwings. A few Dunlin , and Redshank were also seen. There was a larger than usual gull roost on Back Saltholme.
So not a bad day at the reserve once you got out of the wind.
My thanks to all the hide guides and observers for their contributions
11:02pm 20-11-2017
Chris Rymer
Monday Saltholme highlights. At Phil Stead hide early on were the Water Pipit and later in the morning Marsh Harrier. In the afternoon the Green Sandpiper. At Paddy's in the afternoon the Barnacle Geese dropped in. The Long Eared Owl was in its usual spot. At this location one observed got Kingfisher. A Merlin was seen in several places around the reserve in the morning. Other birds of prey were Kestrel and Sparrowhawk. At Saltholme Hide the usual Wildfowl were there along with Curlew and Lapwings.
10:30pm 20-11-2017
Mark Fishpool
Ring-necked Parakeet along the railway line in Skelton, near Saltburn Lane bridge. Seen for first time on Sunday although heard it a number of times in the last two months. No idea whether it is an escape or a wandering bird from elsewhere in the area.
6:01pm 18-11-2017
Lockhart and others
Another cold, sunny day at Saltholme, with highlights as follows:

From the Phil Stead hide, the green sandpiper and water pipit made occasional appearances. there were also multiple sightings of sparrowhawks and at least one of a marsh harrier.

The barnacle geese spent a good fraction of the day in view of Paddy's Hide, and there were a couple of stonechats near the gate.

A Cetti's warbler was heard near Haverton. Several intrepid souls went to the new long-eared owl viewpoint (apparently the approach is quite muddy), but i'm not sure if they were successful.

From Saltholme Hide, there were about 30 species on the day. Highlights included 8 whooper swans, which visited for about an hour this morning, several pintail, a drake red-breasted merganser and, around 15:20, a merlin (looked like a young male to me). Despite the recent frosts, the golden plover are still present, with at least 1000 airborne at one stage in the late afternoon.

Thanks to all contributors for reporting stuff that i may have missed.
3:14pm 17-11-2017
Derick Pearson
Single Hawfinch this morning near Hutton Village on old School lane on the left just passed the Wooden House complex. Also another single one on the trees near the Private road cut through just after Sandwood park.
7:09pm 15-11-2017
Peter Garbutt
Hide guides,Peter and Adrienne Simcock,Maurice Local,Dave Nelson and myself.Saltholme today was a photographers dream.The highlights today were green sandpiper,water pipit,marsh harrier and sparrowhawk,fieldfare and a woodcock in flight seen near and on Phil Stead hide.On the visitor centre main lake a kingfisher sat on one of the island posts and a black swan mingled with mute swans.from the path leading to Saltholme hides looking towards Paddys perimeter fence,a flock of 107 barnacle geese were seen grazing.Onto Saltholme hides a kingfisher perched on a post close to the hide,@ 1000 golden plover in the field,a female Merlin was seen perched on a stump,an increasing number of wigeon,9 species of duck seen.Water rail was seen from the wildlife watchpoint.At closing time there was a grand finale with a large starling murmuration viewed from the workshop and putting on nice display.Thanks to all the sighting contributions from hide guides and visitors.
9:07pm 14-11-2017
Emma Wood
A bit late posting this but 05/11/2017 - Woodcock at Quarry Woods, Eaglescliffe- Attached to Preston Park. As well as the usual woodland/park birds including Jay and Great Spotted Woodpecker.

South Gare Redcar 12/11/2017 - Large flock of Twite including 2 confirmed sightings of Snow Bunting that I didn't see, however 2 men told me that they were filming them about 2 minutes before I arrived! Absolutely bitter cold there so I would wrap up very warm.
1:29pm 13-11-2017
Richard Green
Locke Park: 3 Heron, 3 Mute Swan, Mallards, several Tufted Duck, Small number of Goldcrest's moving through the tree tops.
9:54am 13-11-2017
David Pryse
13/11/17 Albert Park, Middlesbrough: 8:45 a.m. 1xWoodcock (a life tick for me). Briefly sighted it on ground and then had great view as it flew off to find cover. Unfortunately could not locate it again. Sighted under conifers as I walked around the corner near the small car park and brick building where the council keep their equipment. 26xFieldfare, 2xRedwing, 2xLesser Redpoll, 2xJay, Goldcrest, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Coal Tit, Long Tailed Tit, Chaffinch, Goldfinch, House Sparrow, Blackbird, 1xMistle Thrush, 1xSong Thrush, Carrion Crow, magpie, Wren, Dunnock, Robin, House Sparrow, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Woodpigeon, Stock Dove.
Can I also thank all the many birdwatchers I met at South Gare for such an enjoyable day on Saturday with special mention to Alan who had taken care of my bag when I thought I had lost it somewhere along the Gare, Nick, Andrew and Michaela thanks for your enjoyable company and the lift to the bus stop and thanks to the Scottish gentleman who gave me a lift up to the Gare (certainly beats my usual 8 mile there and back walk!) and the two chaps who helped me identify the 2 Red Throated Divers.
6:00pm 12-11-2017
Dave Moore
Away from Teesmouth 8mls up the A66 from Scotch Corner at Smallways Wetland the last two days 6Ruff have noted I have never known this species noted so late,I would appreciate if someone has ever recorded them so late in the year.
12:51pm 12-11-2017
Simon Duckworth
Goosander male ward Jackson pond 12.52
11:00am 12-11-2017
Grey wagtail in the back garden (Billingham) as I type: a garden tick.
10:17am 12-11-2017
Belated Saltholme highlights from yesterday.

At least one water pipit is still around, making sporadic apprearances at Bottom Tank.

Numbers of teal and wigeon still rising, and 1000+ golden plover on site.

The barnacle geese were between Saltholme and Paddy's for most of the day.

Reports of a snow goose near Paddy's turned out to be spurious: to my eyes, it looks like a hybird between farmyard-coloured greyland and canada (beak is almost the right colour and it's mostly white with dark patches near the wing tips, but it's huge and the bill is the wrong shape).

Little grebes from WWP and Paddy's

Only had the final 30 minutes at Saltholme hide but that was enough to find 27 species. Highlights included a single goosander, half a dozen pintail, several pochard and four dunlin.

Starling murmuration gathered over middle tank and looked like it was settling near the WWP.
10:52am 11-11-2017
Rex Earnshaw
GP feeding 30 yds offshore by start of pier and then flew off towards end of pier near on orange marker 10-30
6:10pm 10-11-2017
John Poland
2 Shore Larks and apx. 50 Twite at Seaton Snook today.
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