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9:57am 15-02-2018
Adrienne and Pete S
Saltholme Wednesday - I forgot to mention that a redwing was spotted near the Phil Stead Hide.
9:32am 15-02-2018
Rex Earnshaw
Green woodpecker in field behind wood next to cattle grid , commondale
11:34pm 14-02-2018
Adrienne and Pete S
Saltholme highlights on Wednesday
It felt like the Arctic Circle today with a strong, biting wind raising big waves on the lakes and brash ice tinkling at the water's edge.
Saltholme was the busiest hide with 39 species including the green winged teal which showed in the morning and afternoon, but never when we were in the hide. There were over 1000 wigeon, hundreds of lapwing and golden plover and around 70 curlew out on the grassland. On and around the lake, there were 12 dunlin, 3 black tailed godwit, 1 snipe, 1 redshank, 1 rook, 1 lesser black backed gull, 20 pintail, 2 shelduck, 2 gadwall, 2 tufted duck, 2 pochard, 1 shoveler, 1 red breasted merganser and 1 little grebe.
The only two raptors reported were a peregrine at Saltholme, which sent up the plovers and scattered the ducks, and a kestrel from Phil Stead hide.
Phil Stead hide gave views of around 24 teal and 1 shoveler, the Visitor Centre Lake had 260 wigeon, 16 pochard, 10 tufted ducks, 2 little grebe, 1 great crested grebe and a cormorant, while the water rail showed well under the feeders at the WLWP. At Paddy's hide, there were 2 oyster catchers amongst a scattering of wintering ducks.
Geese were in short supply, with only a few views of Canada geese and greylags.
Thanks to Maurice, Peter G and keen eyed visitors for all the sightings and for making the effort to get out in the freezing conditions.
11:40am 10-02-2018
Ormesby Beck just before the train station, 2X GSW, Drumming also Kingfisher, seen both the species of birds nearly every time I visit. Has the do both breed in that area. One of only the first few hours I've had out, haven't been birding for a while due to problems but still going nest recording for the BTO, season starts in a few weeks with Ravens and Herons which are early breeder's. Also plus all the usual suspects. My new local patch now.
5:13pm 09-02-2018
Merlin. Flying over fields near the Fox Covert pub, Low Lane, Leven. Seen it today and yesterday.
9:36pm 08-02-2018
Neil Hutton
A breezy day at Saltholme but less cold than previous days. An unusual sighting was a woodcock flying across the path to Saltholme pools. At that hide two mistle thrush were seen, 35 barnacle geese, and the usual large numbers of wildfowl, lapwing, curlew and golden plover. The green winged teal showed in the afternoon right in front of the hide. A great crested grebe still in winter plumage showed well on Haverton pool, and the 2 long eared owls continued to show well in the Clarence scrub. Stonechat were seen on the way up to Haverton. Shelduck numbers on the wet grassland seem to be on the rise, and the water level there is looking good for the breeding season to come.
11:54am 08-02-2018
Rex Earnshaw
Barn Owl over flew road between GT Ayton and Killdale last night 18-30
4:37pm 07-02-2018
Mike Tucker
Barn Owl A174 Kirkleatham 1:30 am(Dads taxi).
7:53pm 06-02-2018
Christine Corbett
Grey wagtail along Station Square in Saltburn first thing this morning
7:16pm 06-02-2018
tim robinson
Sorry not the A179,A689,Wolviston roundabout,
7:10pm 06-02-2018
ttim robinson
On my way to work this morning,3.15 am seeing barn owl regular, one flew infront across A179 right at Wolviston services,
4:21pm 06-02-2018
Marty Lowery
2 barn owls in Simmons nursery field this morning 07.30
7:44pm 05-02-2018
tim robinson
lovely barn ,owl ,sat on fence,A689,claxton farm,3.15 am,this morning,
5:56pm 05-02-2018
Keith Milsom
Two Crossbill seen Westworth Wood Guisborough
2:51pm 04-02-2018
Malcolm Hassall
Pair of Scaup still on R Tees nr Archers Law Bowesfield this morning - near fishing pegs 69 - 70
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