If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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4:41pm 30-10-2017
Mark Fishpool
Red head Goosander on Albert Park Lake, Middlesbrough, this afternoon.
10:59pm 29-10-2017
Richard Green
Yes Rex will do my best to do so in future.
6:58pm 29-10-2017
Rex Earnshaw
Richard , ref South Gare clean up .
Can these clean ups be put on this website , I have helped in the past and would do so again as the area is a disgrace.
12:35pm 29-10-2017
Chris Oyston
Several bullfinch in holly tree above bird feeding station at Saltburn valley gardens around 11am today. Very accommodating whilst being observed
10:43am 29-10-2017
Mark Fishpool
Female Blackcap in our garden in Skelton this morning.
10:43am 29-10-2017
Mark Fishpool
Female Blackcap in our garden in Skelton this morning.
9:22am 28-10-2017
Dave O'Brien
Buzzard over A171 Guisborough road, near Windlebridge roundabout, 8.20am
9:16am 27-10-2017
Neil Hutton
A nice autumn day which improved into the early evening, and a very good and varied bird day. A great start with a lift of 100 pink-footed goose from the wet grassland at 08.30. Given that 70 had been reported arriving there late on Wednesday, it may well be that the group had overnighted there. Then at 11.00 the arrival of 25 whooper swans on Back Saltholmewhich stayed for an hour or so. The downside is that only one was a juvenile, and whereas there has been a good flow of whoopers through the reserve in the last few weeks, few have been young suggesting breeding problems on the summer grounds.
At the other end of the size scale 2 redpolls and 1 Siskin joined the usual birds in the vicinity of the centre. The Cettis warbler was recorded calling in the allotment scrub.
Fifty dunlin were joined by 2 little stint on the causeway at Saltholme hide, and redshank, black-tailed godwit and snipe were also present. Large numbers of lapwing and golden plover were constantly on the move, but few curlew were seen. Wildfowl numbers continue to increase, and 1 goldeneye was present on Back Saltholme, with a dozen pintail providing attractive views. Two marsh harriers gave observers a sustained view at Saltholme hide, and later a single one appeared over the wet grassland, and kestrels were seen in various locations.
A good birding day, especially give the temporary closure of onehide for habitat improvement work. Thanks to all visitors for their reporting contributions, and to colleagues Barbara and Arthur.
7:36pm 26-10-2017
Chris Murphy
Bittern on Saltholme East at 17:45 briefly in reed bed at back of pool. Reappeared at 18:00 just as light was disappearing, sat half obscured in reeds when I left.
6:09pm 25-10-2017
Adrienne Simcock
Saltholme highlights on Wednesday:
It was a lovely sunny day today and it is hard to decide which of the many highlights to report.
Visitors arriving early were treated to a ring ouzel, song thrush, Cetti's warbler, brambling and lesser redpoll around the dog walk/car park areas and the Phil Stead hide path. 3 water pipits showed well at Phil Stead hide early on, with a single one seen late morning and early afternoon, alongside 6 snipe. Meanwhile, a kingfisher visited Phil Stead hide, the Wildlife Watchpoint and Haverton Gate. 3 goldcrest were also seen near WLWP.
In the middle of the day, 3 marsh harriers were seen flying around at Dorman's, with one also flying over the reserve late afternoon. A great white egret also flew across the reserve at lock up time.
Raptors seen were 2 kestrel and 2 sparrowhawk at various locations. Waders were mainly concentrated at Saltholme with plenty of lapwing and golden plover, 50 dunlin, 1 black tailed godwit, 1 redshank, 1 ruff, 1 little stint (late afternoon) and a few curlew. The usual wintering ducks were present, including pintail, shoveler, gadwall, tufted duck, pochard, teal and wigeon. Little grebe and little egret were frequently seen.
Another impressive sight was 90 pink footed geese flying in over the reserve in the early afternoon to rest up on the wet grassland.
The sunshine also encouraged other wildlife: 2 migrant hawkers, 5 common darter and 2 red admiral were sunning themselves on the walls near the wildlife garden and playground.
Thanks to all guides and visitors for excellent sightings and good company.
4:29pm 24-10-2017
Cecil Fisher
Harris hawk in trees between newham grange farm and football court on Newham way ..had a magpie in talons being mobbed by 20+ magpie totally unphased by my presence
10:31am 21-10-2017
Valda Walker
Treecreeper on large sycamore in the garden this morning. Frequent annual visitor at this time of the year.
12:57pm 20-10-2017
Y B warbler.Sandsend railway track behind hill around Track post 4. Heard and seen.
10:52am 20-10-2017
wayne o'reagan
2 great white egret just west of Croxdale viaduct on river, hundreds of thrush species flying high travelling west.
8:50pm 19-10-2017
Chris Sharp
Message fo Emma Wood. One of our members is keen to talk to you about your Jersey birdwatching experience. Could you e-mail me your contact details so I can pass them on. My e-mail is chrisandlucia@ntlworld.com. Thanks
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