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6:57pm 14-09-2017
Dennis Bainbridge
Saltholme Reserve
After a torrential downpour through the night all water levels were high, which appeared not to affect bird numbers throughout the reserve with a total of 50 species seen. Ruff numbers still reasonable at Phil Stead and Fire Station pools around 9 seen, although Black-tailed Godwit numbers are down :-3, Teal and Shoveller numbers remaining stable, Adult Water Rail and Juvenile still present
WLWP feeders had the usual numbers of Greenfinch, Goldfinch, and Tree Sparrows, Water Vole gave a brief appearance in the cutting through the reeds , Three Common Snipe flew over head.
Numbers of Little Grebe throughout the reserve are still quite high 16 in total :- 10 on Saltholme along with Gadwall and Shoveller seen on all pool. Saltholme pool produced the greater number of Species (45), these included Wigeon :-200+, Golden Plover 10, Pintail:- 6 (Female), Dunlin :- 8, Redshank :- 4 Black-tailed Godwit :-6. Paddy's pool provided visitors with brief glimpses of Egyptian Geese :-4. A solitary Chiffchaff heard at Haverton pool. All pools also produced the usual waterfowl normally seen.
I must thank my colleague Neil Hutton and all visitors for their sightings
6:05pm 13-09-2017
Adrienne and Pete S
Saltholme highlights on Wednesday.
25mm of rain fell overnight, but Wednesday turned out to be a breezy, but mild and often sunny day. Over 50 species were seen around the reserve, with 34 from the Saltholme hide.
4 raptors were seen - peregrine and marsh harrier from Saltholme hide, sparrowhawk from Phil Stead hide and kestrel in the Jubilee Mound area.
Phil Stead was a good viewpoint with 12-14 ruff, 5 black tailed godwit, one adult and one juvenile water rail, little egret and plenty of lapwing, looking beautiful in the afternoon sunshine. A dog fox also showed up.
Saltholme provided a good range of ducks: tufted duck, shoveler, pintail, gadwall, mallard and teal. There were also 100 lapwing, 30 curlew, 3 black tailed godwit, 3 redshank, 3 little egret, 1 golden plover and 1 ringed plover. A juvenile ringed plover and a redshank were also seen at the Haverton gate. The black swans (4/5) were at Saltholme, on the wet grassland and on the Visitor Centre lake.
At Paddy's 1 greenshank and around 7 dunlin were visible on the wet grassland. Little grebes were on every main lake, with a great crested grebe at Haverton .
Smaller birds seen around the reserve were reed bunting, meadow pipit pied wagtail and linnet. Adult and juvenile blue tit, great tit, tree sparrow, greenfinch and goldfinch were seen on the feeders at WLWP. Around 8 sand martin and several swallows were also seen. Thanks to all our visitors for the sightings.
7:44pm 11-09-2017
140 ish geese over Birkdale road Hartburn 3 minutes ago, heading North West.
4:53pm 11-09-2017
Cecil Fisher
Marsh Harrier at Dormans pool ..worrying the coots and teal, even picked one up to around eight feet and dropped it .
1:24pm 11-09-2017
Jerry Lee
Possible sparrowhawk flying near st gaberiels school ormseby 1130am
8:42pm 10-09-2017
Paul N Collin
4 swifts on Friday 8th Sept with 350 House Martins feeding along Marine Parade. I was staying in Saltburn at the Spa Hotel Mon to Friday each day House Martins were roosting on a ledge below the roof overhang at the east end of Marine Parade 100+ most nights increasing to 350 on the Friday. 1 swift each day and 4 on the Friday. Roosting on NE facing wall to catch the sunrise and shelter from the SW winds.
10:40am 10-09-2017
Jerry Lee
Anybody else see the huge flash cks of geese yesterday bout 0930

Heading from Middlesbrough towards seal sands least a thousand
8:46am 10-09-2017
Stating the obvious, those are sightings for Saturday.
8:46am 10-09-2017
Lockhart and others
Saltholme sightings I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere:

36 species from Saltholme hide, with a decent selection of waders but no rarites that I've heard about: redshank,ruff, dunlin, blackwit and ringed plover were all present and correct for at least some of the time, while lapwing numbers are definitely rising, but curlew were still relatively thin on the ground. Waterfowl numbers are also rising: at least 250 gadwall present and 3 figures for wigeon too. Raptors included kestrel, marsh harrier and peregrine.

Kingfishers reported at Paddy's and at least one appeared at the Phil Stead Hide (then flew towards middle tank). 7+ little grebes at Paddy's, with more seen from WWP, Saltholme and on the main lake. Phil Stead was also good for waders, with at least 3 ruff and double figures for black-tailed godwits. Raptors over the tanks included a sparrowhawk and a marsh harrier. Yellow wagtails seen at both Saltholme and Paddy's (one was perched on top of the hide and calling when I was in the latter).

It seemed to be a good day for non-birds, with a lot of migrant hawkers around, plus a rise in the number of darters (mostly common but I saw a couple of ruddy darters near the tanks), and one visitor had photos of an emerald damselfly from the wildlife garden.

On the subject of photos, two people showed me pictures of what may have been brown argus. To get a definitive ID, you really need to get a shot of the underwing.

Thanks to everyone who contributed sightings info.
6:05pm 09-09-2017
Tim Burton
Saltholme. 5 Whinchat together in meadow next to kestrel trail. Very obliging too. Seaton common car park, 3 Whinchat , 1 male Stonechat, 2 Wheatear all sat on same fence.
2:24pm 08-09-2017
Out of area?Little Egret flying (quite high) downstream at Neasham shortly after sudden rise of river level this afternoon.
8:52am 08-09-2017
Mark Fishpool
Ring-necked Parakeet over Hazel Grove Saltburn this morning.
7:51pm 07-09-2017
Neil Hutton
At Saltholme today it started fine and warm, but became damper and cloudier as the day went on. A great start for birds though as in the first hour there was little stint, curlew sandpiper, 18 black-tailed godwits, 5 ruff, redshank, 2 adult water rail and one juvenile, a garganey and a kingfisher at the Phil Stead hide along with the usual show of wildfowl. Later in the morning a visit from a peregrine moved quite a few of these on, but the little stint was showing again in the afternoon.
Saltholme hide had large numbers of wigeon, gadwall, lapwings and shoveler, and at least 85 barnacle goose, a good number for early September. The 4 Egyptian geese were seen, and 3 black swans.
The island at Paddy's hide is still being cleared, but this seems to appeal to birds like whinchat, wheatear , meadow pipit and grey, pied and yellow wagtail, all of which were seen on the island throughout the day. There was a report of a citrine wagtail being heard in the vicinity. In the afternoon a peregrine spent quite a bit of time sitting on the wet grassland giving good views from the hide.
Two common terms were seen on the main lake, surely to leave in the next few days, but there's still plenty of swallows and sand martins flying.
11:44am 07-09-2017
Hi all,
In my Hartburn garden, a small insectivorous bird, yellow front fading to light fawn over its back, hanging out with a bunch of sparrows. Yellow Brown Warbler is the nearest I can find on the net ??? if so it's a first.
7:24pm 06-09-2017
Peter & Adrienne S
Wednesday 6th September. Saltholme Highlights.
A bright autumnal day, with over 50 species were seen on the reserve. These included increasing numbers of wintering wildfowl, passage migrants, with a few lingering summer visitors still present including sand martins, swallows, a house martin and a swift.
Highlights included the Pectoral Sandpiper seen from the Phil Stead hide in the morning, along with 2 Ruff, a Snipe, and 10 Black Tailed Godwits. An adult Water Rail and juvenile were also present feeding in the Mare's Tail. A Sedge Warbler was seen in the reeds.
At Saltholme Hide, waders seen on the causeway and in Saltholme West, were a Little Stint (seen from road), Dunlin, Redshank, and Black Tailed Godwits. Large numbers of Gadwall , Shoveler and Mallards were present, and numbers of Tufted Duck, Wigeon and Teal were increasing. A couple of Pintail were seen, as well as a single Garganey. Geese included a single Pink-foot, over 70 Barnacle Geese, 4 Egyptian Geese, large numbers of Greylags and Canada Geese, and 4 Black Swans.
A few Common Tern chicks are still being feed by adults on the tern rafts and there were two juvenile Black Headed Gull on Back-Saltholme.
Migrants include a few Yellow Wagtails, Pied Wagtails, a single Wheatear, and a couple of Whinchats.
Raptors seen were Kestrel, Sparrowhawk and Merlin.
Thanks to the Hide guides, Visitors and Observers for their reports
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