If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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10:11am 12-07-2017
Ric Howell
South Gare, yesterday 6.30pm

Collard Flycatcher
8:39pm 11-07-2017
Andrew Rackstraw
Hartlepool headland today immediately below town wall as tide came in shoal of approximately 20 fish- sizes seemed to be between about 10 inches through to possibly 18. Took some very poor photos using my phone are they likely to have been codling ? would be grateful for any advice as the only fish I am really familiar is sold in Verrills . Thanks Andrew
7:24pm 11-07-2017
Bert Mitchell
Saltholme RSPB
Another wet Tuesday (the fourth in a row). Four different species of Goose were present today with singles of Barnacle and Brent being seen. 2 Black Swans were also on Back Saltholme. Duck numbers remain low but Shelduck remain at 35 and Tufted managed 15 without counting the ducklings. Pochard, Teal, Wigeon and Shoveler were also seen. Little Egrets reached double figures as did Great Crested Grebe with Little Grebe occupying most of the pools. A Marsh Harrier (possible female) was seen near Dorman's and a Merlin passed over Saltholme West. Waders were not in any numbers until high Tideand apart from Oystercatcher, Lapwing and Redshank we saw 39 Dunlin, , 6 Curlew, 37 Black Tailed Godwit and 2 Common Sandpiper. A Liitle Gull was present . Numbers of Reed and Sedge Warbler remain high and a Willow Warbler was seen from Saltholme Hide. A Barn Owl was seen in the hedge near to the nest and it was seen from the Visitor Centre flying along the side of the Lake. A Water Vole was present at the Wildlife Watchpoint and a Kingfisher was seen flying along the cut but not seen subsequently. Thanks to the Hide Guides and visitors for providing the information contained in this report.
6:40pm 11-07-2017
tim robinson
juvenile peregrines a tempting to make first kill from able uk towers
2:25pm 11-07-2017
Chris Corbett
Grasshopper warbler heard at Maze Park this morning, reeling away despite the heavy rain.
6:32pm 08-07-2017
Lockhart and others
Saltholme highlights, with thanks to those who provided some of this info:

Phil Stead was a bit quiet for birds when I visted, with a little egret being the highlight, and a single gadwall joining the mallards. Unconfirmed later reports suggest that the great egret paid what must have been a fairly brief visit. Black-tailed skimmers and 4-spotted chasers livened things up a bit.

A couple of great crested grebes (one almost full-sized chick) and dabchicks on the main lake. No sign of yesterday's little gulls that I've heard about.

About 27 species from Saltholme Hide, but wader numbers are on the rise, with 45+ curlew, 31 black-tailed godwits, 50ish lapwings, a dozen or so dunlin, common sandpiper, oystercatcher, wood sandpiper and others all putting in appearances. Little egret numbers are also on the rise, with about a dozen across both pols, and West and Back Saltholme contained a total of 11 great-crested grebes around 16:00 (several youngsters). Stonechats were seen from the path.

I didn't make it to Paddy's, not sure if there were any significant sightings.

Other highlights of the day didn't involve birds. The big one (for me) was a water vole feeding in front of the WWP (as opposed to in the cut to the western side of the hide) for at least 20 minutes from 14:30 or so, quite relaxed about several people watching; thanks to parents who did a really good job of encouraging their children to be quiet so they could also see "Ratty". Still lots of red admirals around, and other butterflies of note included meadow brown, ringlet, small heath and small skipper. Dragonflies included more 4-spotted chasers at the dragonfly pools, brief views of a hawker spp at Phil Stead (didn't get bins on it to ID, and it didn't reappear while I was there), and a VERY fresh darter by the dragonfly pools (first I've seen this year), which was bright yellow at this stage but had black legs so may have been a ruddy.
7:48pm 06-07-2017
Dennis Bainbridge
Saltholme Reserve
A very poor start to the day due to a heavy shower of rain shortly after opening, keeping bird species in cover. Fire Station, Phil Stead hides only producing Gadwall x 4, Shoveller x 1,,Pochard x 1, Female Tufted Duck x i/c young , Little Grebe x 1 again i/c three young, Great crested Grebe x 2 and Curlew x 1, between them.
As the day progressed and an improvement in weather bird species picked up. Watch point and Visitor Centre produced the usual waterfowl and Geese. Paddy's Pool had Black-headed Gull and Common Tern in reasonable Numbers along with small numbers of waterfowl . Wet Grassland had few species at first, until there were a large group of Shelduck x c30 descended which seemed to spur other species to appear from the reeds Dunlin x 6, Gadwall x 4, Ringed Plover x 1, there were no sightings of Avocet.
Saltholme ponds produced the great species numbers, Black-tailed Godwits x c20, Wood Sandpiper x 1, Common Sandpiper x 2 Great Crested Grebe x 3, Linnet x 2, Little Egret x 5, Black Swan x 2 (First Sighting of a Pair Together), also present were the usual waterfowl. The Leucistic Coot was seen sporadically. I must thank my colleague Neil for the majority of these sightings, as I was involved with a guided walk around the reserve.
7:48pm 06-07-2017
Thanks John great report
7:47pm 06-07-2017
peter dodsworth
Thanks John great report
7:08pm 06-07-2017
Great egret, saline lagoon. Was there when I arrived at 18:15 and still there when I left at 18:45.
5:12pm 06-07-2017
Jerry Lee
Grey heron flying over Eston 6am towards Redcar
7:16pm 05-07-2017
Peter & Adrienne S
RSPB Saltholme 5/7/17
Despite a drizzly morning followed by an overcast afternoon, over 50 species of birds were seen on the reserve. The only raptor was Kestrel, with a pair being seen hunting at Haverton and a single one near the main lake.
Ducks were seen from Saltholme and Paddy's, but in small numbers including: Shelduck, Wigeon, Gadwall, Pochard, Mallard, Teal, Shoveler and Tufted Duck (a brood of 3 was seen on Paddy's pool).
Most interest was generated by the waders seen from Saltholme hide. These included a Wood Sandpiper, which would sometimes pose for its photo to be taken , before hiding in the vegetation on the edge of the lake. Other waders seen from Saltholme were 2 Avocets, 3 Oystercatchers, 2 Little Ringed Plovers, 3 Common Sandpipers, 1 Dunlin , 1 Curlew, 2 Redshanks and over 20 Black Tailed Godwits. Smaller numbers of waders were also seen on the wet grassland from Paddy's Pool Hide. A Greenshank was reported to be heard at Dorman's.
Common tern chicks are increasing in number , mainly on the artificial tern islands. 4 Sandwich terns made a brief visit to Paddy's Pool, sitting on the crossbar to give good views. There were also good views of 2 Song Thrushes at Phil Stead hide.
Great Crested Grebes with large juveniles were seen on Saltholme, as well as the Visitor Centre lakes. A Black Swan and an unusual leucistic Coot were also on Back Saltholme.
Mammals seen were water voles from the Wildlife Watch point, and a young fox which ran past the Visitor Centre window, with what looked like a Moorhen Chick in its mouth.
Thanks to the Hide Guides and visitors for providing the information contained in this report.
5:33pm 05-07-2017
Two juvenile peregrines hanging around the nest site on the old South Bank coke ovens.
11:39am 05-07-2017
Rex Earnshaw
GW egret visable from bridge in pools sea side of bridge
8:41am 05-07-2017
Bert Mitchell
Saltholme RSPB 04/07/17
A rather wet Saltholme but still a number of interesting sightings were recorded. A Marsh Harrier was seen flying past the Wildlife Watchpoint and then Phil Stead Hide before heading off towards Dorman's Pool. Two Water Rails were also present at the Wildlife Watchpoint. Duck counts were still low but many remain hidden in the Wet Grassland. Wigeon Teal and Shoveler are still present but Saltholme Hide produced 21 Gadwall, 10 Tufted Duck and 2's of both Shelduck and Pochard. Shelduck numbers were just below 30 on the Wet Grassland. There is also a trickle of waders appearing. At Saltholme Hide we saw 1 Greenshank, 1 Redshank, 3 Ringed Plovers, 4 Lapwing, 3 Oystercatcher, 1 Common Sandpiper, 3 Dunlin, 8 Black Tailed Godwits and a lone early Curlew. Great Crested Grebes were in double figures on West and Back Saltholme Pools and a few Little Grebes were also present. A large area of the reserve was not visited due to the weather conditions. Thanks to the Hide Guides and visitors for poviding the information contained in this report.
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