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7:16pm 24-06-2018
Rex Earnshaw
Barn owl hunting end of zinc road 19-15
7:12pm 24-06-2018
Just been for a walk at Crimdon hoping to see the little terns. There wasn't any sign of them at all, not a single bird.
Was wondering if anyone knows what has happened because it looks barren at present apart from a solitary Ringed Plover in the fenced off area
11:28pm 20-06-2018
Andrew Rackstraw
Regarding my earlier post, it has just occurred to me this may well be a product of the significant tree planting that has gone on by our roads over recent years.

If that is indeed the case , it is nice to see successful habit restoration in action- although I suppose what we have left of our Kestrels will miss their road side verges ( I am never satisfied).
11:02pm 20-06-2018
Andrew Rackstraw
Over the past 6 weeks I have seen jays flying across A19 and A174 7 or 8 times. this is more than I have seen this in the past 20 years. Has any body else noted increased Jay activity around our main roads ?
On a separate note ,does anybody know of any reasonably reliable local sights for Green woodpecker ( from Hartlepool) , asked by my non birding brother on behalf of my young nephews and couldn't think of any.
7:02pm 20-06-2018
Adrienne S
Saltholme highlights on Wednesday

A mild but breezy day began well with 5 little terns seen over the Visitor Centre Lake. One lingered on the main island for the whole morning, although because of the wind, it gave mainly a rear view with only occasional glimpses of the bill and a couple of short flights.

With juvenile terns, moorhens, great crested grebe, mallard, and shoveler (female with 10 chicks at PS hide), many predators were on the look out for an easy meal. Two marsh harriers (one with green wing tag X1) were seen over the whole reed bed area, grey herons and the occasional little egret were stalking the lake edges, while lesser black backed gulls were seen taking moorhen and tern chicks. One marsh harrier apparently took an adult coot on the road immediately outside the reserve.

In addition, a peregrine was seen at close range on the wilderness walk and the kestrel was hovering at various locations. A fox was also seen, apparently consuming prey across the lake at Phil Stead, while another was sighted at the Haverton end of the reserve.

At Saltholme there were many duck species still visible: gadwall x60, tufted duck x40 and smaller numbers of shelduck, wigeon, shoveler, pochard, teal and mallard. Waders present there were lapwing x4, black tailed godwit x1, avocet x3, oystercatcher x6, little ringed plover x3 and ringed plover x1.

Some other highlights were 2 sandwich terns preening at Saltholme, 2 black swans (VC lake and Saltholme), a single hare at Haverton and another near the wildlife garden, 2 stonechat near Haverton and 2 great crested grebe adults with 3 very grown up chicks on the VC lake. I also enjoyed watching a centipede crossing the path near the Saltholme hide!

Altogether, over 50 species were reported around the reserve, so thanks to all visitors and guides for letting us know what was about.
9:38pm 18-06-2018
Rex Earnshaw
Barn owl hunting field next to old garden centre between marske and redcar, been there last few nights about 9
9:21am 16-06-2018
Hello Damien the shrike was in the wood area straight across from the front of th hide,hope it helps you.
8:32pm 15-06-2018
Rex Earnshaw
Merlin hunting Fox Covert at Marske 20-15
10:05am 15-06-2018
Damian Woodgate
Can any one tell me what end of Scaling Dam the Woodchat Shrike is please. Only passed the place yesterday after a day Nest Recording for the BTO NRS.
Regards Damian.l
7:57pm 13-06-2018
Christine Corbett
Very active little sand martin colony at Agar's Gap between Marske and Saltburn tonight. Maybe 7-8 active nests being visited by adults, 2 with chicks at the entrances. Big gathering of house martins along cliffs and above beach at Saltburn too, lots of birds flying low over the beach. Marsh orchids along cliffs too.
6:46pm 13-06-2018
peter simcock
RSPB Saltholme Wednesday 13 June
It over four weeks since Adrienne and I were at Saltholme, and what a difference it makes. Greenery is everywhere, and the first broods of the year are in evidence.

At Paddy's Pool one adult Great Crested Grebe was feeding its two chicks which were riding on its partner's back. Five tufted duck ducklings were swimming and diving for food by the reeds. A brood of young mallards was also present at Paddy's.

At Phil Stead hide there was a brood of 8 large mallard duckling. Young blue tits were seen on the fire station path, while juvenile greenfinches and goldfinches were seen at the Wildlife Watchpoint. More mallard broods were seen at the Wildlife Watchpoint, as well as 2 small moorhen chicks.

Large numbers of Black headed Gulls have fledged, but there are still some smaller ones on the islands, which were loudly defended whenever a Lesser Black Backed Gull or Crow flew over. Two mediterranean gulls were reported by visitors at Paddy's. The common terns are sitting on their scrape nests and in the tern rafts (over 200 nests have been reported). A single sandwich tern visited Saltholme pools in the afternoon.

With regards to waterfowl, the most numerous was Gadwal with over 100 on the Saltholme waters. Good numbers of Shelduck and Shovelers were present on the wet grasslands. There was a group of 20 male Pochards on the Causeway. Several groups of cygnets were being guarded by their mute swan parents .

A few waders were present, 24 avocet. and 4 oystercatchers were on the wet grasslands. From Saltholme there was a single Black Tailed Godwit, a Redshank, 4 little ringed plovers and a handful of lapwings.

Raptors seen were at least 2 different marsh harriers flying around various points on the reserve, and a pair of kestrels seen hunting from Phil Stead.

The only mammal reported was a leveret seen in the playground.

My thanks to my follow hideguides, Adrienne, Peter Garbett , and Dave Nelson and visistors for their reported sightings.
6:17pm 13-06-2018
Quail calling (3rd day ) from oat field near Ugthorpe.
2:16pm 13-06-2018
13.30. 13.06.2018.
Osprey hunting over scaling dam..appears to have flight feather/feathers missing...made off over moor.
12:07am 13-06-2018
st nothskelton
Grasshopper warbler at Cattersty beach 930pm
4:11pm 11-06-2018
Rex Earnshaw
Cuckoo calling whitby end of scaling dam. On way back before lockwood beck SEO flew over road with kill
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