If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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9:20pm 23-07-2017
A McLee
Little Stint x1 Saline pools WeBS count
7:57pm 22-07-2017
Small copper butterflies - track past Ladgate farm Saltburn 5pm
12:42pm 21-07-2017
Stephen Lundrigan
Hummingbird hawkmoth in my garden yesterday no photo I didn't have my phone on me 100%sure I checked online
9:18am 21-07-2017
Rex Earnshaw
Tees behind Bowsfield Marsh , kingfisher X2
9:30pm 20-07-2017
P. Shakeshaft
Blackhall Rocks evening. Adult Little Gull & perhaps 20 Curlew on beach. Steady passage of terns south. Large raft of Common Scoter, mostly drakes. Gannets further out.
6:55pm 20-07-2017
peter dodsworth
working in henley thousands of trees red kites nested in carpark. juveniles come back regularly
6:33pm 17-07-2017
Non-bird sighting: brown hawker dragonfly at Dorman's top car park, 13:00 today.

Also GC grebes (parent and large juvenile), grey heron, and pochard, and the egret numbers are clearly on the rise but i was too lazy to count.
1:54pm 17-07-2017
Jerry Lee
Sparrow hawk been mobbed by a group of long tailed tits o745 southlands centre
4:35pm 16-07-2017
Kevin smith
Two gannets diving just off seaton Beach just out from where the treatment works pumps out
6:55pm 14-07-2017
Msg GB
Myself and 2 friends back in April 2015 seen a Red-Backed Shrike on the edge of Crompton Forest/Moor hunting. They are breeding here however in the SW but you never know.

7:51pm 13-07-2017
Neil Hutton
Saltholme sightings 13/07/12017
A really lovely sunny and warm day with lots to see. Two visitors reported 68 species including green woodpecker and great white egret at Dormans and curlew sandpiper on the wet grassland. The latter in fine summer plumage later turned up alongside 60 Dublin on Saltholme west. Saltholme also had 6 little egret, 6 black-tailed godwit, one each of ringed plover, little ringed plover and common sandpiper, a peregrine, 2 oystercatchers along with the black swans still in residence. Wildfowl numbers were low with a solitary wigeon and teal, and greatly reduced numbers of shelduck and gadwall. On the other hand, lapwing numbers are well above 50 now, a sign of things to come.A kingfisher spent a bit of time in the morning on posts in front of the Phil Stead hide, and the watchpoint is still good for hearing and seeing sedge and reed warblers. Apart from the peregrine already reported, a kestrel seen hunting from Phil Stead was the only raptor noted. Thanks to the hide guide colleagues, estate staff and visitors for making this an enjoyable and fruitful bird day.
7:46pm 13-07-2017
while climbing out of Castleton yesterday afternoon (Langburns Bank) there was a small red (orange)backed bird flitting its way up in front of me, may have been a red backed shrike.
7:44pm 12-07-2017
Peter Garbutt
Ric Howell why wasn't the collard flycatcher sighting? Reported first thing yesterday so that others could see it.
6:25pm 12-07-2017
Andrew Rackstraw
managed to seek advice from a sea angler today re photos I had taken of the shoal of fish yesterday. He was excited to confirm them as Mullet and said that he personally had not seen any in the area for the past three years. I wonder if they could have been what the dolphins followed into the area earlier in the week ?
5:37pm 12-07-2017
Adrienne and Pete S
Wednesday highlights at Saltholme:
Sunshine at last and the path down to Saltholme was busy with meadow pipit, whitethroat, sedge warbler, reed bunting and reed warbler, while visitors watched dragonflies and damsel flies on the dragonfly ponds.
39 species were seen from the Saltholme hide, including 1 little gull, 1 marsh harrier, 3 kestrel, 2 black swan, 11 little egret, 6 great crested grebe, 2 little grebe, 6 oystercatcher, 20+ gadwall, 2 shelduck, 6 wigeon, 10 tufted duck, 4 little ringed plover, 1 ringed plover, 2 common sandpiper, 9 black tailed godwit, 2 curlew and 5 pied wagtail.
The great white egret was reported at Dorman's and a few shoveler were resting up at Phil Stead hide. The visitor centre lake held around 5 little grebe, 8 tufted duck, 4 great crested grebe and 1 oystercatcher.
Two visitors were lucky enough to see 1 barn owl feeding a juvenile on top of the barn owl box.
There are around 200 pairs of common tern on the islands and some of these already have chicks which are almost adult sized.
Thanks to everyone for their sightings.
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