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6:12pm 14-06-2017
Adrienne and Pete S
Saltholme RSPB highlights on Wednesday:
It was a bright and warm day, so the air was full of birdsong with skylark, meadow pipit, whitethroat, wren, tree sparrow, goldfinch, sedge warbler, reed warbler and reed bunting all seen and heard at various locations. A pair of yellow wagtail with young were seen on the Wilderness Walk. The black headed gulls and common tern were in good voice, too.
Well over 50 bird species were seen around the reserve, with 43 at Saltholme, including 4 wigeon, 50 gadwall, 12 tufted duck, 12 pochard, 14 little egret, 4 great crested grebe, 2 oystercatcher, 2 avocet, 2 lapwing, 2 redshank, 1 little ringed plover and 1 black swan.
Notable sightings from Paddy's were 7 grey knot, 1 dunlin, 1 mediterranean gull, 1 barnacle goose and about 80 Canada geese.
3 little grebe were seen on the visitor centre pool and a single kestrel was seen in the VC and car park areas. At the Watchpoint, a juvenile water rail and four water voles gave excellent views. There were 2 avocets and a single black tailed godwit at the Phil Stead hide.
Thanks to hide guides and visitors for keeping us informed.
8:19pm 13-06-2017
2 Gannets patrolling/fishing about 400 metres offshore from car park between Redcar and Marske coast road.
7:46pm 13-06-2017
Bert Mitchell
Saltholme RSPB
Some of the pools from Paddy's Hide are not now viewable but the depth of grass cannot be reduced until after the breeding season. However the number of wildfowl now remains fairly constant and counted today were 2 Wigeon, 19 Shelduck, 96 Gadwall, 10 Teal, 10 Shoveler, 14 Pochard and 41 Tufted Duck. Also 3 Barnacle Geese and the Black Swan still remain. Little Egret remained in double figures but Grebe numbers have dereased somewhat with only 3 Great Crested and 1 Little Grebe seen. As all the waders are now breeding numbers were low but we still saw 5 Oystercatcher, 6 Avocet, 2 Little Ringed Plover (reported by a visitor), 1 Snipe , 2 Black Tailed Godwit and an unseasonal Curlew. A Blackcap and a Whitethroat were singing near the Phil Stead Hide and Reed Warblers were showing well at the Wildlife Watchpoint. Since arriving home I have found that there was a calling Roseate Tern over the Visitor Centre as I was driving away. Thanks to the Hide Guides and visitors for providing the information contained in this report.
11:52am 13-06-2017
Paul Shakeshaft
I would like to thank again the householders for allowing us access to their garden to view the Rose-Coloured Starling this morning. This was a much better view than we achieved in Bulgaria.
4:13pm 12-06-2017
L Curwen
Saltburn 2.30pm. Two gannets diving just offshore Hazelgrove
8:24am 12-06-2017
Rex Earnshaw
Turtle Dove at Sutton Bank last night on feeder to the left of the centre around 7 pm.
Also GSW lots of yellow hammer and siskin plus usual suspects , great place to spend an hour.
7:22pm 11-06-2017
P Garbutt
At Lucite,Cassel works,Billingham a pair of little ringed plovers have 3 newly hatched chicks with 1 egg remaining,also an oystercatcher with 3 eggs.
1:25pm 09-06-2017
Tony Marron
Spent 40 minutes whilst cooking tea watching one, maybe two, Goldcrest on suet log feeder outside kitchen window. There must have been young in conifer as the shortest time the feeder was free was 10 seconds! Fantastic sight for Marton!
9:34pm 08-06-2017
Neil Hutton
Full reports from Saltholme tues. and we'd.so will keep todays' short. Highlight was number of swifts flying everywhere, and sand and house martins showing well at Saltholme pools. Still a lot of little egrets and grey herons flying about, but only 8 avocet recorded on the reserve. Shoveler has big brood on wet grassland, and reed warbler with chicks at reserve entrance. Tree sparrows doing well from the numbers at the wildlife watchpoint feeders. Paddys was the best hide for waders with dunlin, redshank, avocet and ringed plover whereas Saltholme hide had a single avocet and two godwits.
10:06pm 07-06-2017
Peter & Adrienne S
Saltholme RSPB Wed
A dry but very windy day so most birds were hunkering down, but still over 50 species were seen and heard on the reserve. The high wind speed meant that there were lots of swifts, swallows , house martins flying low as well as the usual sand martins
Highlights were a juvenile Marsh Harrier and a Spoonbill from Saltholme hide, the Marsh Warbler on the Wilderness trail, two Med Gulls from Paddy's hide, and a Water Rail with two fully grown chicks at the Wildlife Watch Point.
Warblers seen and heard included Reed, Sedge, Garden and Marsh Warblers, Whitethroat, and Blackcap. Waders seen included : Lapwing, Oystercatcher, Avocet, Redshank, Dunlin, Ringed Plover , Snipe, and Black Tailed Godwit. . Ducks seen included Shelduck, Mallard, Gadwall, Pochard, Tufted Duck , Teal and Shoveler.
The first broods of sand martins are now fledging, and because of the strong wind some were literally being dumped into the pool by the sand martin bank. The wardens were rescuing them before the birds could be preyed on by a couple of Black Head Gulls. Once the fledglings had dried they were released near the bank, and most seemed able to fly off no worse for the experience.
4 Water Voles were seen from the Wild Life Watch Point.
Thanks to the Hide Guides, and Visitors for providing the information contained in this report
9:45pm 06-06-2017
Bert Mitchell
Saltholme RSPB
A very wet day at Saltholme but we still managed to see 40 species at Saltholme hide before 12.00 noon. Apparently the Marsh Warbler was reported as being present before the rain started along the wilderness trail. The Black Swan contines to stay at the reserve and was on Saltholme West this morning. Wigeon numbered 5 birds with two at Back Saltholme and 3 on the wet meadows but of the others Shelduck numbered 50 birds, Gdwall 44, Teal 7, Pochard 29, Tufteed Duck 28 and an unseasonal lone male Pintail.Shovelers were seen on the wet meadows with young. Little Egret numbers were unusual with 22 birds being seen on Saltholme PoolsGreat Crested and Little Grebes were present with usual numbers, a Water Rail was seen well at the Wildlife Watchpoint and a Kestrel was seen hunting on the walk to Saltholme Hide.The majority of the waders were seen on the wet meadows but the reserve totals were Oystercatcher 6, Avocet 10, Ringed Plover 7, Lapwing 26, Dunlin 5, Snipe 1, Black Tailed Godwit 8 and Redshank 4.The usual Warblers were still present but were difficult to see in the conditions. Thanks to the Hide Guides and the visitors for providing the information contained in this report.
5:47pm 06-06-2017
brian clasper
Sorry about putting this info on the sightings page but I think the info is very important again from the RSPB newsletter

`The Environment Agency is undertaking realignment work to the seawall across the north
end of Cowpen Marsh. The work on the new seawall will be completed in 2018 at which
point 20ha of Cowpen Marsh will be returned to the forces of the estuary and should add
some vitally important intertidal habitat. This will mean closure of the seal viewpoint until
2018. In the meantime the EA are hoping to put a live video link from the seal haul out to the
Saltholme visitor centre. `
Brian Clasper
TBC Chairman
5:40pm 06-06-2017
brian clasper
Saltholme hide update, from the RSPB newletter
The next phase...

`The planning application for the next phase of the project that will be undertaking
landscaping work at Saltholme pools along with the upgrade and tower addition to the hide,
is currently with the local planning authority. If approved, the work will be undertaken after
the breeding season and before the major influx of wintering birds arrive. This will require the
draining of much of the Saltholme pools and the closure of the hide through some of the
school holiday period.

Although what we intend to do will be of real benefit to both the birds and visitors, it is
obviously important that any changes to a protected site for nature conservation should
undergo a rigorous review. We expect the decision by the local planning authority in early

The proposed design for the tower at Saltholme pools hide.

The next phase after that...

The excavation of new large scrapes in the wet grassland, creating more wetland for
dragonflies on the trail down to Saltholme hide and some re-landscaping of the main pool is
all planned for 2018.`
These are the plans set out by the RSPB for your information
Brian Clasper
TBC chairman
10:06am 06-06-2017
Rex Earnshaw
Marsh Warbler singing and showing well at Saltholme this morning
11:24am 04-06-2017
John R
Lesser Whitethroat singing in Calor Gas Pool roadside scrub & 6 Avocets poolside
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