If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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5:28pm 15-01-2017
Forgot to say, both GNDs observed swimming towards the harbour entrance, so may well have left.
4:50pm 15-01-2017
Hartlepool 1500ish: two great northern divers, single iceland gull and one glaucous gull (couldn't find second). Probable RT diver too but brief, distant views.
3:56pm 15-01-2017
Vana Chadwick
Velvet scoter off Redcar prom near Zealand cafe at 2.30 today. Two snow bunting on stones at back of beach near Stray Cafe. Green Sandpiper behind Boots in Teesside Retail Park.
3:38pm 15-01-2017
Peter Dodsworth
Ring neck parakeets heard again today over grange field Stockton heading north
3:26pm 15-01-2017
Most unusual bird Central side of Balls roundabout. Size and shape of a warbler but hopping about on the ground feeding like a robin. Olive green back no eye stripe or wing bars. Got me stumped but it's nearly been run over twice.
Also 5 x snow buntings on beach adjacent to Hartlepool Golf Course earlier
5:35pm 14-01-2017
Rex Earnshaw
Jack Snipe from bus stop before Salthome entrance thanks to unknown person and Maurice for pointing it out , bogey bird so life tick at last .
2:54pm 14-01-2017
Alan F. Norton
Redwings feeding on berries in the bushes down side of Mellenium Footbridge over the river in Stockton 2 p.m. Today.
5:37pm 11-01-2017
Peter Simcock
Wednesday highlights for Saltholme: Despite an unpromising start with high winds, bitingly cold, some good birding was had on the reserve with 40 species seen .
6 Waxwings were showing around the Visitor Centre and carpark in the morning. One was even visible from Saltholme hide (with the aid of a telescope).
A female Scaup was present on Back Saltholme, along with Pintail, and Goldeneye. There were 12 species of Duck on the reserve in total, but no Long Tailed Duck and Green Winged Teal which had been present on Tuesday. Large numbers of Wigeon and Teal as well as Lapwing are wintering on the reserve. A few Golden Plover were seen, perhaps they are all on Cowpen Marsh . There were 54 Dunlin, over 100 Curlew, and a single Redshank seen from the Saltholme Hide.
An unusual sighting from the Saltholme hide was a Song Thrush. Plus as I was driving home, a kingfisher flew over the road from the Saltholme reserve to the ditch on the Cowpen Marsh.
Thanks to Maurice and other observers.
1:30pm 11-01-2017
Rex Earnshaw
3 X Snow Bunting on Redcar beach between stray cafe and padling pool
8:13pm 10-01-2017
Tim burton
Willow tit seen and heard at Haverton scrub near LE Owl. First for me at Salthouse. Also Green Sandpiper on flash pools behind Paddy's.
7:26pm 10-01-2017
Marie Davis
Saw a Greated spotted woodpecker in Harburn, Stockton this morning, 9th January. Have not seen one before, and would like to know if there are many around.
7:10pm 10-01-2017
E cooke
Waxwing seen today close to Hemlington. 35 in number eating rose hip berries.
7:02pm 10-01-2017
Christine Corbett
Most mornings when I get to the barrage at around 7.30am, I hear one or more song thrushes singing; roll on spring!
10:45pm 09-01-2017
Chris Rymer
Highlights from Saltholme today. Water Rail around the Visitor Centre at lunchtime. Pintail at Phil Stead. Scaup still on Back Saltholme this morning. Fieldfare x16 were observed on the path between the millennium mound and Haverton Gate. LEO in its usual place. Stonechats around the reserve showing well on fence posts.
5:20pm 09-01-2017
Very nice Starling murmuration Tees barrage tonight. Best viewed from path between Talpore pub and Asda.
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