If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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10:11pm 21-02-2018
peter simcock
A peregrine was also seen flying observed from Haverton by Peter Garbutt
5:00pm 21-02-2018
Adrienne and Pete S
Saltholme highlights on Wednesday.
The sun was bright today and it felt like spring, with small birds singing in the Phil Stead hedges ( blue tits, great tits, goldfinches, chaffinches, tree sparrows, wrens and robin) and skylarks soaring over the meadowland. The VC, Saltholme and Paddy's islands were alive with the noisy clamour of black headed gulls.
Two long eared owl were showing at Haverton, together with sparrowhawk, kestrel and marsh harrier.
39 species were seen from the Saltholme hide. Most notable were a single red throated diver, two ringed plovers, 1 red breasted merganser, 1 song thrush, 12 pintail, 4 redshank, 1 dunlin amd 1 stonechat.
Around the reserve, there were relatively small numbers of greylag and Canada geese, but still significant numbers of wigeon, golden plover and lapwing. There seemed to have been an influx of shelduck with at least 40 at Paddy's and 10 at Saltholme. Tufted duck, teal and pochard were regularly seen, with little grebe at Saltholme and both little and great crested grebe on the VC lake. 2 oyster catchers were present at Paddy's. Only one little egret was reported (Saltholme hide).
2 mute swans were mating at Saltholme and while six others were arguing over territory at Phil Stead hide.
It was a welcome change from last week's Arctic weather, even if it was only temporary respite.
Thanks to all the many visitors and to Maurice and Peter G for the sightings and for keeping everyone up to date.
3:49pm 21-02-2018
Cecil Fisher
Long eared owl x 2 sparrowhawk and a peregrine all around Clarence scrub saltholme ..all sighted within a hour two brown hares chasing each other and skylarks singing
7:19pm 20-02-2018
Richard Green
Albert Park Middlesbrough: Sparrowhawk (M)
5:51pm 20-02-2018
Marty Lowery
Barn owl in Simmons field Marske 5 mins ago. Disappeared in very poor light
11:41am 20-02-2018
Rex Earnshaw
Kestrel sat on my table feeder with mouse in claw , it hunts the stray every day . Weasel hunting stray in front of house , not seen one here before .
10:12pm 19-02-2018
Andrew Rackstraw
Pair of Buzzards soaring over Fens Estate Hartlepool
I am sure I have said this on here before but it's amazing how these birds have spread West to East over past twenty years
9:04pm 19-02-2018
Richard Green
Green Lane Redcar, Goldies, Blue and Great Tits, Dunnocks, Wrens.
Approximately a dozen Fieldfare in Field near sewage works.
4:15pm 19-02-2018
Keith Milsom
Seaton Snook power station end, Skylarks Oystercatchers down towards the river six Snow Bunting couple of Ring Plovers Redshank and Curlew
12:50pm 19-02-2018
Marty Lowery
Forgot to mention Skylark, heard and seen, over coastal field Redcar stray Saturday afternoon.
6:32pm 17-02-2018
Rex Earnshaw
Green woodpecker in trees middle of commondale village , another still in field at back of garden wood , commondale as reported Thursday, also mistle thrush ,song thrush and buzzard over. 2 Treecreepers on feeders at Lockwood Beck.
5:44pm 17-02-2018
Marty Lowery
Barn owl in Simmons field, Marske at 17.00, watched for 20 mins before it flew over in direction of Green Lane.
2:56pm 17-02-2018
Marty Lowery
Peregrine spotted on ground Marske coastal field. Watched it fly up field towards sewer plant and disappear. Seen again on drain cover looking over to allotments from Green lane.Possible Pinkfooted/ Bean goose best seen from corner of footy field wood fence. Would like a second opinion. My wife and I both got good views. Dark head and beak, hint of orange on beak. Couldn,t get a look at legs. Appeared to be having a good rest. Marske end of Greenlane, sparrow hawk on drain cover flew to bush by bungalow.
7:44am 16-02-2018
Rex Earnshaw
Barn Owl hunting field next to old garden nursery Redcar now
5:52pm 15-02-2018
Ian Forrest
Saltholme Hide -am- Common Buzzard, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, Peregrine x2. Black-tailed Godwit x6, Red-breasted Merganser, LBB Gull.
Redwing in car park.
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