If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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9:54pm 12-12-2017
Tony Barnes
South Gare
10 Bar-Tailed Godwits on rocks south of breakwater.
9:07pm 11-12-2017
Mike Tucker
For Natalie Brophy, details of a parakeet seen in Eden street Saltburn are on Marske and NewMarske community information group on facebook, seems to fit your description.
2:58pm 11-12-2017
L Curwen
Another urban grey wagtail, on pavement Milton St., Saltburn
2:03pm 11-12-2017
Has anyone seen the Shorelarks at North Gare recently, before I waste another couple of hours in the freezing cold searching for them.
2:24pm 09-12-2017
Phil McGenity
Two Snow Bunting at Danby Beacon at around 12.30 today.
11:27am 09-12-2017
Richard Green
Grey Wagtail on Greenlands Rd Redcar. Didn’t expect to see this species in a dry urban environment.
12:28am 09-12-2017
Natalie Brophy
Hello. I hope you don't mind me messaging you. Our indian Ringneck paraleet Billy escaped from our home in Redcar East near the Rugby Club earlier today (around 3pm). I'm just wondering if you could put a word out to any bird watchers out there around our area to keep an eye out. He is green, with a red beak and a pink/black ring around his neck. He can say hello, what you doing and partly wolf whistles.
2:39am 08-12-2017
Dennis Bainbridge
Saltholme Thursday 7th Dec.
Although there was a fairly strong cold wind throughout the day, it did not appear to deter the numerous raptors from providing good views over many area's of the reserve, Marsh Harrier, Kestrel, Short-eared Owl, Buzzard. Visitor's had especially good views of the Sparrowhawk making several attempts of securing a meal at the feeding station of the Visitor Centre, on one occasion actually settling on the ground close to the viewing windows, providing good photographic opportunities for visitors.
There was also a good variety of waders around mostly found at Saltholme, Black tailed Godwit, Curlew,, Dunlin, a solitary Common Snipe. On the wetlands there were also large numbers of Golden Plover, Lapwing, Barnacle Geese, Greylag Geese, interspersed with Little Egret. The usual waterfowl were seen on all ponds Wigeon, Shoveler. Shelduck Pochard, Tufted Duck, Pintails, Gadwall, Teal, Little Grebe, Grey Heron all in various numbers. Water Pipit and Green Sandpiper were reported by numerous regular visitor at Phil Stead hide.
I must thank my colleagues Arthur Truby, Neil Hutton and visitors for assisting with their sightings.
4:52pm 06-12-2017
Pete and Adrienne S
Saltholme highlights on Wednesday
Today, again, a very cold wind meant many birds were again sheltering, but at least 50 species were seen with 40 from the Saltholme hide.
The same Raptors were seen as last week: marsh harrier flying over Dorman's visible from the Saltholme hide, sparrowhawk seen widely over the reserve putting up the waders, merlin and peregrine seen from Paddy's, and kestrel widely around the reserve.
The waders mainly seen from Saltholme, included black tailed godwit (9 Saltholme 14 on Dormans), redshank, dunlin,1 ruff and 1 snipe, with some in larger numbers: curlew 100+, and lapwing 1000+ and golden plovers 1000+.
There was also good range of ducks scattered around the lakes: shelduck, wigeon, gadwall, teal, pintail, mallard, shoveler, pochard and tufted ducks, while Canada, greylag, 3 pink footed geese and 90+ barnacle geese were out on the wet grassland.
The long eared owl could been seen from the new viewing platform. The wooden bridge will be completed tomorrow hopefully, allowing relatively dry access, i.e. ordinary boots not wellies.
The black swan was on the Visitor Centre Lake. There was a smattering of little egrets about the reserve , and a grey heron was seen from Paddy's. Great Crested grebe was seen on the Visitor Centre Lake and little grebes were seen from Saltholme hide, VC, and Paddy's.
Smaller birds included Water Pipit (Phil Stead hide) and meadow pipit at Haverton.
Thanks to all those came to the reserve told us their sightings.
4:29pm 05-12-2017
Mike Tucker
Barn Owl Errington Woods.
6:49pm 30-11-2017
Dennis Bainbridge
Saltholme Reserve
A bitterly cold day with frequent snow showers, kept a lot of the birds looking for cover around the edges of the pools or on the wet grassland. As usual the most abundant species were Wigeon x 3000+, Lapwing x 1000+ and Golden Plover 200+, over all ponds. Also present were Marsh Harrier x 1 quartering rather low over West Saltholme, Kestrel x 2 hunting along the Dragonfly Pathway and Sparrowhawk at all three Feeding Stations without much luck. Little Grebe and Curlew numbers were noticeable low on all ponds, however Shoveler, Gadwall remain stable.
Saltholme Hide produced increasing numbers of Pintail x c13, no sightings of Goldeneye although they could have been hidden in the small bays around the pond edges.
The most interesting occurrence happened almost on closing time, when a Water Rail was seen stabbing at an unwitting Reed Bunting and dragging it into the water under the feeding station at Watch point hide then repeatedly kept stabbing at the carcass.
I must thank Neil Hutton and visitors for their input to this list.
5:21pm 29-11-2017
Adrienne and Pete S
Saltholme highlights on Wednesday
Despite the forecast and a couple of sharp showers, we had a lot of sunshine and rainbows today. A very cold wind meant many birds were sheltering, but over 48 species were seen with 34 from the Saltholme hide.
Raptors seen were marsh harrier, sparrowhawk, merlin, kestrel and peregrine (distant from the Visitor Centre). There was a good range of ducks scattered around the lakes: shelduck, wigeon, gadwall, teal, pintail, mallard, shoveler, pochard and tufted ducks, while Canada, greylag and 101 barnacle geese were out on the wet grassland. The long eared owl sensibly hid away from the NE wind and was not seen all day.
Waders seen were 5 black tailed godwit, redshank, dunlin, a single turnstone on Back Saltholme, curlew and lapwing. The black swan was on the Visitor Cente Lake and little egret, grey heron and little grebe at Saltholme hide.
Smaller birds were making good use of the feeders (blue tit, great tit, goldfinch, greenfinch and reed bunting), while the hedgerow gave cover to robin, dunnock, redwing, and long-tailed tit. Stonechat were on the fences and pied wagtail out on the wet grassland.
Many herring gulls, great black backed gulls and black headed gulls were literally chilling out on the wet grassland. A fox was seen from WLWP.
Thanks to all those who braved the weather and told us their sightings.
3:57pm 28-11-2017
Thank Tony for your directions,Charlie
3:31pm 23-11-2017
Tony Marron
TS5 6LA- post code for Dorman Museum, which is outside the main gates of Albert Park if you have sat-nav!
1:00pm 23-11-2017
HI where abouts in Middlesboro is this Albert Park situated,comming in from the A19,also last week we were at the gare and saw around 15 snowbuntings on the rocks at the far end of the site and got some good pictures.
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