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7:22pm 29-08-2017
Bert Mitchell
Saltholme RSPB
Still 5 Black Swans on site and aflock of Barnacle geese scattered across the wet meadows many of them out of site of the hide (95 were counted on Sunday). Duck numbers remain steady with Wigeon well spread out and Teal and Shovelernumbers remaining steady. Gadwall and Mallard remain numerous.Tufted Duck have reasonable numbers on most of the pools. Little Egrets are present in double figures. Only three Great Crested Grebe were seen but Little Grebe numbers totalled just less than 30. A Marsh Harrier was observed twice and reports were received of Sparrowhawk. Merlin and Kestrel. Water Rails were present at Phil Stead and Wildlife watchpoint and one visitor reported 2 Bitterns at Haerton watchpoint. 9 Ruff were seen on Phil Stead and Saltholme, 5 Ringed Plover flew over Saltholme West and on the same pools 21 Black Tailed Godwits were present. 1 Snipe was on Phil Stead and 5 Redshank were also seen. 2 Sedge Warblers were seen but Reed Warblers appeared to be absent. Thanks to the Hide Guides and visitors who provided the information contained in this report.
2:24pm 29-08-2017
Joanne slater
This week I have spotted a pelican twice. Myself and my partner. I have been in touch with the RSPB HQ who kindly have pointed me in this direction as I haven't been able to capture a photo. But wanted to share my excitement. TS12 2QL
10:10am 29-08-2017
Northern Wheatear five a side pitch fence Headland
1:21pm 27-08-2017
Rex Earnshaw
Thanks Graeme for a very informative club outing today to Seaton Snook, some excellent ID tips and background info about the birds.
6:21pm 26-08-2017
Saltholme additions include kingfisher and green sandpiper at Phil Stead hide.Saltholme hide,2 little ringed plover,ringed plover and greenshank(heard calling).Merlin,spotted flycatcher seen at Dormans.Spotted flycatcher seen at Haverton scrub. Thanks to all the contributors
4:40pm 26-08-2017
M local/P garbutt
Birds displaying well with good weather all the ingredients for a good day at Saltholme The wildfowl numbers are still increasing and included 3 black
swan 4 Egyptian geese 50+ barnacle geese. The waders included black tailed godwits, ruff, l.r. Plover,snipe, Dunlin, redshank, snipe and water rail, the herons included 6 little egret, grey and spoonbill. Raptors seen were marsh harrier and Sparrowhawk. Other birds of interest included linnet, goldfinch, willow warbler, meadow pipit, pied wagtail, 4 juv yellow wagtails close to the Saltholme hide welcomed by all photographers plus near the mound stonechat, whinchat and wheatear. Thanks to visitors for additions to our sightings.
9:50pm 24-08-2017
Emma Wood
7.30pm tonight (24/08). X3 Ring Necked Parakeet's at the back of Phoenix Gardens on Phoenix Walk. Location: Oxbridge Lane, Stockton on Tees. Possibly 2 adults and a youngster. Was there with me about 10 minutes then flew towards the walkway on the same side of the road.

30 minutes later - Grey Wagtail seen on the beck on Burnside Grove.
Kingfisher seen yesterday - same location as above.
9:29pm 24-08-2017
Dennis Bainbridge
Saltholme Reserve
Sunny start to the day with a South Westerly Breeze building over the day. Over 30 species observed throughout the day, 6 Ruff present on the Wetlands outside Paddy's along with a large group of Barnacle Geese 50+.
Two Juvenile Great Crested Grebe present at Haverton Pool with small number of Shoveller.
Saltholme Hide produced large numbers of Common Teal 30+, Gadwall 30+, also increasing numbers of Shoveller, Wigeon. Also present were Linnet, Yellow Wagtail, Redshank, Ruff (Reeve), Reed Warbler x 2 , Black Swan now three, also large group of Cormorant (13), Shelduck x 2 and Little Grebe x 6. Thank you to my colleagues Arthur and Barbara for passing on their sightings
2:09pm 24-08-2017
Peter & Adrienne S
Saitholme Weds 23 August- apologies for late post.
A very wet morning gave way to an overcast afternoon. Over 40 species were seen, the highlight being the 4 Water Rails seen from the Phil Stead Hide. Duck numbers are increasing with large numbers of Gadwall and Shovelers ,present on all lakes, as well as smaller numbers of Wigeon, Teal and Tufted Duck. A pair of Black Swans was present as well as 20+ Mute Swans. Waders present included Black Tailed Godwits, Snipe (14 at Phil Stead) , Lapwing , Redshank Curlew, and Dunlin.
The majority of the Common tern chicks have now fledged, but can still be seen hanging around the Visitor Centre Lake and Paddy's Pool. The only raptor seen was a Kestrel which was seen at various points.
Thanks to all the guides and observers.
5:25pm 23-08-2017
Mike Tucker
Pied Flycatcher in bomb hole South Gare pm.
8:05pm 21-08-2017
Peter Dodsworth
2 ring necks just gone over 1 looked like a juvenile begging for food grange field 8oclock
5:59pm 19-08-2017
Lockhart and others
Saltholme today:

Brief summary of the night heron saga, at least the bits I know about. Spotted this morning, when it appeared at Bottom Tank (not sure if this was before or after it flew past the visitor centre). Then reported flying in the direction of the WWP, but I haven't heard any reliable reports of it actually being seen there. Reappeared briefly at Phil Stead/Bottom Tank shortly after 13:00. Flew to Saltholme West, then to Saltholme East. From there (13:30ish), it flew in the direction of the Fire Station Field and Bottom Tank, but nobody seems to have been able to pick it up again. It's not clear whether it went into the trees or kept flying, so it might reappear tomorrow, or someone might report it on the Humber. FWIW, I've seen a couple of photos from people lucky enough to see it (I wasn't one of them), and it didn't have any leg rings.

Other significant highlights included a quite confiding spotted flycatcher, visible from the path between Phil Stead and the Fire Station field, and Adam finding a garganey on Back Saltholme, around 15:30. Fair numbers of dunlin around but not many other waders (I saw two black-tailed godwits, and a young LRP), waterfowl clearly on the rise.
10:03am 19-08-2017
Malcolm Hassall
10 Fieldfares nr Saltergill Woods Kirklevington 09:10
8:35pm 18-08-2017
stephen boothroyd
if you req views of cross bills on sutton bank take the malton road road cut through and follow the wass bank road park about a mile down road and walk to right hand side woods any where on there will provide views of crossbill
8:46pm 17-08-2017
Neil Hutton
Saltholme today started dull and damp at 8am, but turned out a lovely sunny and warm day, and visitors made the most of it. At Saltholme hide a kingfisher did a fly by virtually taking the curved path of the viewing side allowing everyone present a glimpse of its blue flash. All four Egyptian geese were on show after an apparent absence for a few days, and 2 black swans were present. Wader numbers were low with just 2 godwit and 2 dunlin, though lapwings(100+) and curlew(50+) continue their reappearance. Likewise wigeons are increasing with probably 300 now mainly on Saltholme west.
Paddy's pool had 2 juvenile ruff and this time near views of them on the perimeter of the pool near the reeds on the right hand side. Three snipe showed in a similar position alongside 6 teal and as many little grebe. Sparrowhawk and kestrel hunted above the pool.
The watchpoint still has reed warblers and today a willow warbler was visiting the area near the feeders. A whitethroat was seen in the bushes on the way to the hide. A seasonal show of sand martins and swallows on the fences around the Phil Stead hide show the itchy feet anticipation of long journeys imminent. A sparrowhawk noted this, as did 3 snipe. Two adult water rails showed, one accompanied by a chick.
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