If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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4:42pm 28-08-2020
Caroline Walker
With regard to last message, have looked again at photos and book and they could be Brent Geese, but that seems even more unlikely!
4:37pm 28-08-2020
Caroline Walker
I think I saw two Great Northern Divers swimming off the beach between Heugh Breakwater and Pilot Pier at Hartlepool Headland. I've never seen G.N. Divers, but have checked in my book, and I have photos if anyone would like to check the ID.
10:24pm 27-08-2020
Stewart Swales
Last message should have said Tree Sparrows oops!!
10:22pm 27-08-2020
Stewart Swales
Last clutch (very late I think) of House Sparrows have fledged this morning from our garden. That's 11 clutches from 10 boxes this year, 3 boxes were never used.
7:21pm 27-08-2020
Chris Corbett
Common term fishing in Middlesbrough Dock today
12:25pm 27-08-2020
Quentin Mercer
Possible Peregrine flying extremely high over The Ings (Redcar) at 10.30am today. Suddenly folded wings and went into high speed dive. Disappeared towards Sabic, Wilton complex.
3:18pm 23-08-2020
Geoffrey Kitching
Saw what I think was a Black Kite flying over the Castleton to the A171 Whitby Rd yesterday (22nd Aug) at about 3.30pm. At first thought it was a Harrier but noticed the shallow forked tail. Definitely not a Red Kite. Broad wings, long tail with shallow fork in it.
7:32am 22-08-2020
David Russell
Tuesday, Lesser spotted woodpecker in the garden of a house in the Oval Hartlepool.
9:53am 21-08-2020
Geoff Kay
Hello, on Monday of this week my wife and I saw and took a photo of a Snowy Egret sat in a tree above the river in Great Ayton. We were amazed to see the bird quite comfortable pruning itself in the UK? Yours Faithfully Mr G Kay
2:24pm 19-08-2020
Mel Cowton
Finally, Cattle Egret from Greatham Creek bridge. Way down creek, popping up now and again, about 1.50.
11:19am 10-08-2020
Chris Corbett
About 30 gannets feeding off Cattersty beach yesterday together with 5 or 6 seals. Wall, small copper, small heath and grayling butterflies around the top of the steps on the Cleveland Way.
10:33am 05-08-2020
Ian Russell
Sorry 3 x perigrines on cooling towers!!
10:31am 05-08-2020
Ian Russell
2 x perigrines haverton hill cooling towers with kill.
3:26pm 02-08-2020
Chris Corbett
This afternoon about 60 turnstone, most in breeding plumage, roosting on Redcar boating lake island. Also a peregrine chasing waders over the sea off Majuba carpark and a group of eider offshore.
7:35pm 30-07-2020
Still a couple of whimbrels near Greatham Creek: one from the car park screen, one by the road bridge (up-stream side, north bank). Little gull with common terns on Tidal Pool.
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