If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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9:03pm 31-10-2019
richard green
Dead Barn OWL next to A174 between Redcar and Kirkleatham.
11:00am 30-10-2019
2 x common buzzards seen today (and nearly everyday for months) over Bluebell Beck. Yesterday they were being harried by a very brave sparrowhawk. Up to 5 have been seen at once over Fox's Wood and Mandale Meadows (all part of the Bluebell Beck Valley area).
4:37pm 29-10-2019
Mark Hodgson
Harris Hawk seen Middleton-One-Row (Os grid ref NZ347122) approx mid day 29th Oct. Jesses and bells on legs, obviously an escapee.
8:13pm 28-10-2019
Claire thornburn
8-10 ring necked parakeets flying over Ropner this afternoon (Monday 28th October 2019) Lots of other birds flying but couldn’t see a reason for the agitation
5:09pm 25-10-2019
Alan Patterson
4.45 pm a Long Tailed Duck on the sea 25yards from the lock gates entrance to the Hartlepool Marina.
4:36pm 25-10-2019
Caroline Walker
A pair of Grey partridge halfway along the road to North Gare car park near Hartlepool Power Station. 1420. I have a photo.
5:13pm 23-10-2019
Grey heron flying over Marton beck 0800
5:13pm 23-10-2019
Grey heron flying over Marton beck 0800
6:10pm 21-10-2019
Cecil Fisher
First ever Brambling in the garden Saltersgill .
3:18pm 21-10-2019
Christine Corbett
My first flock of redwing flew over Saltburn on Saturday, preceeded by a humming bird hawkmoth in our backyard feeding on red valerian at 6pm on Friday evening!!
10:28am 20-10-2019
Malcolm Hassall
10:25 Seaton Snook ~25 Twite / 2 Brent Geese over far side near NE Blockhouse
1:59pm 19-10-2019
Ken Smith
Bowsfield Pond 19 Oct.

Cetti's Warbler calling loudly at bridge on main path
9:31pm 18-10-2019
Stewy Swales
Two swallows Cowpen Bewley Lane yesterday.
8:27am 17-10-2019
Mike Blackburn
Correction to Ropner Park - the date should have read Wednesdsy is yesterday. Sorry - substandard proofreading
8:24am 17-10-2019
Mike Blackburn
Thursday, Ropner Park, about 11.30 am.

Unusual amount of bird activity - a group of about 6 magpies were fluttering about, calling loudly, the ducks on the lake seemed agitated, groups of greylag were taking it in turns to fly up from the lake, do a circuit and land again on the water en masse and a group of about 8 - 10 never - seen - before -by - me -in -Ropner Park - green parakeets were screaming around the tops of the trees.

And the probable cause of this avian mayhem? A bloke walking around the lake with a rather impressive Golden Eagle on his arm!!!
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