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10:59am 13-01-2019
D Woodgate
Cecil Fisher.
The Peregrine you seen are now breeding on the big pipe at James Cook Hospital. I would never normally give out a nest site under any circumstances where they were available for anybody to climb and see but no one is getting up there, discovered it myself last year and can now watch it from my flat window in Berwick Hills.
10:51am 13-01-2019
D Woodgate /A Dawson
Saltholme 12/1/19
Had a good few days over there yesterday and on the 9th with my son and Andrew. Yesterday we arrived early and found 2 LEO but a 3rd was discovered by another gentleman. Lots of Widgeon and Lapwing, a Peregrine was sat for a while from the new refurbished hide and over a 100 Coot were on the lake at the Haverton viewpoint but with the wind no sign of any SEO. However on the 9th when my son joined us we were lucky enough to see it twice and Andrew got some excellent shots of the bird also seen Peter Garbut who I haven't seen in many years and met a couple of the new volunteers. Another Peter and a Lady who's name I didn't catch both were on the LEO watchpoint and I was telling her about the Golden Eagle I recorded for the BTO NRS but we didn't catch sight of the LEOs that day. Haven't been over there for a few years now and it was great to meet new and old volunteers. I'm still nest recording for the BTO NRS but stopped coming on to this site after several negative comments on my nest recording even though it's bird science. Ecology, Land Management,Breeding Patterns and Behaviour, Population sizes and Capacities and obviously Conservation also Lockhart would be nice to catch up. Do you still volunteer over there. I found out Dave who used to be the Chairman of this club has now retired and was looking forward to seeing him. Hopefully we will have a catch-up pal.
9:15am 13-01-2019
Cecil Fisher
Peregrine circling over Saltersgill then into a stoop over the grovehill area .
9:08am 12-01-2019
Forgot to say, last seen heading SE.
9:02am 12-01-2019
Just had a large, very pale-winged gull spend a couple of seconds flying over back gardens in NW Billingham. Didn't manage to pick up enough detail to confirm species, but a lot paler than a "normal" herring gull (gut feeling was that it was also larger, but it was a fairly brief view in poor light). Unfortunately, I'm currently ill and housebound, so can't chase it myself, but it may be worth keeping an eye out in the general area . . .
7:23pm 11-01-2019
Damian: That isn't someone blocking you, the page is a bit buggy: sometimes it seems to show the wrong "captcha", especially if the sightings page has been open for a while. I get it fairly regularly when reporting Saturday sightings.

The solution I've found (I'm sure others use it too) is to copy the text you wanted to post, close the window/tab/whatever (not sure which hardware/browser you're using). Open a new version of the sightings page, paste your text into it, and it should present you with the right quiz to prove you're not a 'bot.
12:12pm 11-01-2019
Damian Woodgate
Just tried add a report about my day over Saltholne on the 9th and it said it was marked has Spam. Do not understand. Only asked about some information regarding the bomb hole the other day. Do not understand
10:56am 11-01-2019
Rex Earnshaw
Ring necked parakeet still on warwick rd , Redcar
10:22am 11-01-2019
Mark Fishpool
Peregrine over seafront at Saltburn 8.15 am this morning - heading up the valley.
5:45pm 10-01-2019
Dennis Bainbridge
Saltholme Reserve !0th January
Very dull damp cool day started with a Short-eared flying over the Main Lake which gave early visitors splendid views. Solitary Red-breasted Merganser, Wigeon, Pochard, Tufted Duck also present bon the lake with Redwing and Fieldfare occupying all trees around the lake.
Three Long-eared Owls showing well in the Haverton Scrub again providing visitors with excellent views. On returning towards Visitor Centre Hen Harrier present over Watch point. Numbers of Wigeon, Lapwing, Shelduck remain high throughout the reserve.
For a brief period there were Taiga Bean Geese x 6 out on the wet grassland leading down to Saltholme pool along with 100+ Barnacle Geese, Pintail Duck x 8. Goldeneye displaying well over on back Saltholme.
Also present on the reserve were Meadow Pipit and Stonechat x 5.
I must thank members of the public and my colleague Barbara and Arthur for their input to these sightings
5:29pm 09-01-2019
Peter Simcock
RSPB Saltholme Wednesday 9 January.
A bitter wind from the north meant that most of the birds were sheltering, and only a few hardy birders were out and about.
On the reserve the Long Eared Owls were barely visible, hunkering down deeper into the hawthorn scrub than usual. Short Eared Owls made a few quartering flights at Haverton during the morning, and came out with more regularity in the afternoon. Other raptors seen on the reserve were kestrel and sparrowhawk.
At the Wildlife Watchpoint there were brief glimpses of a couple of water rail. In the hedges around the main lake the hawthorn berries continue to attract fieldfare and redwing.
A water pipit was seen flying about the reserve.
The usual wintering wildfowl and waders were present, best seen from Paddy's Pool Hide and the refurbished Saltholme hide. These included large numbers of wigeon, teal and shelduck, with smaller numbers of gadwall and pochard. A single red breasted merganser was seen on the main lake. The waders seen from Saltholme, included large flocks of Lapwing, and Golden Plovers, Curlew and a single Black Tailed Godwit. The waders kept taking flight but there was no sign of an avian predator
My thanks to all the Hide Guides and visitors for their reports
6:33pm 08-01-2019
Brief lunchtime visit to Charlton's Pond, Billingham, afforded 7 goosander (3 male, 4 redhead), and a curious lack of cormorants. Other birds of interest included a sparrowhawk (m), little grebe and great-spotted woodpecker (heard only).
2:57pm 08-01-2019
Rex Earnshaw
Ring necked parakeet in Warwick Road , Redcar . A first for me in Redcar
6:34am 08-01-2019
Michael Grave
Live in Consett but regularly visit Saltholme and Teesside for birding and family reasons. Great web site. Look forward to submitting some sightings.
Best wishes to all our friendly guides at Saltholme. Had great day out birding at Frampton Marshes on Friday 4th Jan. Met warden Toby, who used to be at Saltholme. He sends his regards to all who help at Saltholme.
3:47pm 07-01-2019
Ian Hunter
Approx 60 Twite at Seaton Snook
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