If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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4:56am 24-03-2021
Jerry lee
Kestrel flying over lackenby water works yesterday 0745
11:47am 23-03-2021
Richard Green
Chiffchaff heard, Holyhead copse Redcar.
10:17am 20-03-2021
Chris Corbett
Spotted and heard my first chiffchaff of the year along the edge of the donkey path walking down to the bottom of Hazelgrove in Saltburn this morning
6:56pm 19-03-2021
Jerry lee
Cormorant over lackenby water works yesterday 0800
5:38pm 18-03-2021
P Davenport
A dog walker disturbed dozens of Snipe and Jack Snipe when approaching the rough pond near Commercial Street, Middlesbrough.
1:11pm 14-03-2021
Quentin Mercer
Buzzard over Cat Flatt / Black Bridge (Marske) at midday. Was heading towards Errington Wood whilst being mobbed by gulls.
7:03pm 11-03-2021
Still 45 twite together at the bottom of Zinc works road today, around 16:00. Two grey partridge seen while leaving around 17:15. At least 200 golden plover on wet grassland and large numbers of grey plover present on the Snook (didn't try to count them).

Elsewhere, two tree sparrows on feeders in garden this morning (NW Billingham).
6:25pm 27-02-2021
Peter Dodsworth
Great spot for red kite at weary valley the a19 goes over it south of Yarm.was going to report first bat of the year but have been beaten to it.Was in the garden grangefield.first dandelion poking thru the goldfinches will be happy
6:33pm 21-02-2021
Mike Tucker
Barn Owl, Buzzard and Bats between 5 and 6 pm. Errington woods.
6:08pm 21-02-2021
Chris Corbett
Just seen my first bat flying around an estate in Marske around 5.45pm and yes, I meant Coatham Marsh on my last sighting, sorry for the confusion!
7:43pm 17-02-2021
Lauren. T
I don't have twitter so feel free to post this up on my behalf.

Driving toward A174 from Ingelby today and saw a red kite being mobbed by crows it was just near Anson Farm. Very low down and got an amazing view of it! First I've seen in the area. Nearly did an emergency stop out of shock haha. X
5:30pm 14-02-2021
Jerry lee
Audrey it’s the 14th February
3:25pm 14-02-2021
Audrey Streeting
Common Buzzard sighting, perching back garden and flying around farmers field West Park Hartlepool. Yesterday and twice today 15 February 2021
4:17pm 12-02-2021
ian Nicholas
Lapwings and Golden Plovers gathering and one White fronted Goose in the fields at windy hill farm fields.
2:03pm 12-02-2021
Mike Tucker
A few Redwing at Errington woods today.
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