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3:45pm 01-06-2021
Andrew Rackstraw
Tree Sparrow
3:27pm 31-05-2021
Mike Tucker
Brimstone at Errington Woods today.
4:39pm 25-05-2021
Jerry lee
First house Martins at lazenby 0730
10:58am 17-05-2021
Jerry lee
Saw first swift’s today at Ormesby beck
11:38am 16-05-2021
Chris Corbett
Pair of mistle thrushes feeding ivy berries to at least 2 fledglings in Saltburn Gill this morning.
7:39pm 14-05-2021
Drake garganey still showing well on Cowpen Marsh, opposite sub-station, around 7 pm today.
5:36pm 13-05-2021
Grasshopper warbler heard at James Cook hospital station from train
5:28pm 13-05-2021
Grasshopper warbler heard at James Cook hospital station from train
2:44pm 13-05-2021
Chris Corbett
Male pied flycatcher heard and seen singing in Newton Woods this morning along the bottom path. Also cuckoo heard and tree pipit spotted performing singing display in area of Roseberry Moor along Brant Gate path.
12:19pm 13-05-2021
Jerry lee
First swallows of the summer Lazenby water works 0745
11:50am 13-05-2021
dipi kapor
great man https://dipikapor.com
5:10pm 11-05-2021
Jerry lee
Grasshopper warbler reeling at lackenby water works 0730
6:23pm 10-05-2021
Jerry lee
Grasshopper warbler heard reeling at Ormesby beck 0700
11:43am 09-05-2021
Lesley Curwen
Hazelgrove,Saltburn. Cuckoos heard clearly, approx 8.45 and 11.10 am
11:01am 09-05-2021
Hi Jerry both grasshopper warblers present this morning and sedge warbler still there. I had gropper and sedge both showing and calling from the same bush
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