If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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5:31pm 14-11-2018
Additional Saltholme sightings from Phil Stead hide included a male and female sparrowhawk and little egret
5:27pm 14-11-2018
Highlights from Saltholme:Back Saltholme-peregrine bathing,11 pink footed geese,114 barnacle geese.Saltholme west-2 large flocks of golden plover merged into one.A nice stonechat put in a nice appearance on the walk down to the screen hide.From Haverton scub,2 long-eared owl were seen,also a flyover lesser redpoll.From Haverton viewpoint 200+ coot were counted and a distant kestrel.In front of the visitor centre a few black-tailed godwit and redshank were seen and at 4pm a spectacular murmuration of starlings put in a good show.Finally 32 fieldfare flew over the visitor centre.Many thanks to all who contributed.,
12:06pm 13-11-2018
Valda Walker
Just watched tree sparrow pull a 6inch piece of plant stalk into a tiny nest box being harassed by tree creeper. A tree creeper comes every November to this giant sycamore tree. ???
11:14am 13-11-2018
Marek Olszowski
Little Egret in trees at bottom of garden in Normanby at around 9:00 am 13th November.
11:42am 11-11-2018
Hi Linda,

Yes, there are usually several stonechats around the North Tees marshes. They tend to like good vantage points (fences, reeds etc) so they can watch for insects.
9:50am 11-11-2018
Linda Watson
I am the seal coordinator for INCA, monitoring the seals at Seal Sands. In the summer I spotted a bird I had never seen before, and after looking it up in books and online, I discovered it was a stonechat. I can't find it on your list, so is this unusual? I spotted it on the seawall.
4:49pm 10-11-2018
Lockhart and others
Minimalist Saltholme sightings from this afternoon:

I spent most of the afternoon at Haverton Scrub with the long-eared owls. Three birds present but the third was almost completely hidden. Fair warning: they were in the privet to the right of the boardwalk; if they're in the same position and you go all the way to the viewing platform you've already missed them and probably disturbed them too. Best views were of one bird, from about 2/3 of the way to the corner in the boardwalk. Please be considerate of the birds, and keep noise and movement to a minimum to avoid disturbance.

Other highlights that I know about:

Woodcock reported from the Wilderness Trail and barn owl photographed by a visitor along the trail.

From Phil Stead, best birds at lunchtime were probably 9 curlew.

Hare seen on the meadow, near Paddy's bridge.

I only spent about 10 minutes in paddy's but that was enough to find a dozen species, with shoveler, pochard, little egret and little grebe the obvious highlights.

Thanks to those who provided additional sighting info.
11:41am 10-11-2018
Out of area:

White-rumped swift spotted yesterday afternoon (ca. 1515) at RSPB Blacktoft Sands (from Singleton Hide), by self and a friend. Alas, no photos (too distant and light wasn't good; barely managed record shots of closer hen harrier). Initially spotted over reedbeds while watching harriers, bird was attempting to fly southwards and battling strong winds which allowed for prolonged observation before it passed the hide and disappeared from view.

Didn't report earlier to TBC as well out of the area and unlikely to be "twitchable" but did notify Blacktoft Sands by email after I got home (unusually, nobody seemed to be on duty at the reserve). Reporting now as someone has asked about the sighting via twitter, unless there have been other sightings.
10:51am 10-11-2018
Renton Charman
Above the woods behind New Row in Kildale seen from the Little Kildale Road about 1130hr on Friday 9th Nov. First seen by Chris Sharp and identity confirmed by Don Page. Great views of interaction with a Common Buzzard.
8:05am 10-11-2018
Paul ward
Short eared owl hunting at Teesmouth main car park Thursday 10-30am
11:10am 09-11-2018
Jerry lee
Kestrel been attacked again over Eston 0900 & grey Heston flying over Iceland in ormesby 0800 yesterday
6:07pm 07-11-2018
peter simcock
Saltholme highlights on Wednesday 7 November

It was a grey autumnal day at Saltholme, with the birds sheltering and few birders about. Maybe they were all looking for a White Tailed Sea Eagle, in North Yorkshire.

There were several raptors present at Saltholme: 2 Long Eared Owls in seperate places in the Clarence Scrub, one just visible from the Owl viewing platform, and one visible from the track. On the wet grassland a Peregrine was chasing Lapwings and Golden Plovers, and a Kestrel hunting for voles on the various patches of long grass.

Waders seen were Curlew, Black Tailed Godwits, Lapwing, Golden Plovers and Redshanks.

A male and a female Bullfinch were seen from the Owl Viewpoint and Long Tailed Tits were seen in various hedges. Several blackbirds were feasting on the berries in the hedgerows and a single redwing was reported.

There are large numbers of Wigeon and Teal,building up on the reserve with smaller numbers of Shoveler, Tufted Ducks and Pochard. 8 Shelducks were on the new island seen from the Sight Screen near the Saltholme hide. 20 Pink Footed Geese were also seen from the sight screen, as well as Barnacle Geese, Greylags and Canada geese

My thanks to all the birders and fellow guides for their observations
5:13pm 07-11-2018
Ray Cox
Two lightish swifts at South Gare early afternoon....possibly Pallid but definitely paler than standard
4:19pm 07-11-2018
Jamie Duffie
Website should be OK now. It was an issue with the hosting server
1:01pm 07-11-2018
peter simcock
My phone showing server error too
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