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1:30pm 22-06-2019
Cuckoo in the bushes at the long drag last night just past the second pill box
9:55am 21-06-2019
New Website
From now on please post sightings on the new website. go to https://www.teesmouthbc.com/ and select "The Birds" and then "Public Sightings" to see the new version of this page.
3:29pm 19-06-2019
Jerry Lee
Seen plenty of swifts & swallows tween Eston & ormesby but distinct lack of house martins very noticeable
10:44am 16-06-2019
J K Smith
To Joe Fryer,
Joe the beetle is Broscus cephalotes. A ground beetle mainly in coastal areas.
Ken Smith
10:54am 14-06-2019
A McLee
Given Ian Forests report of L E owl on the North Side, I might want to reconsider my report of the 12 /06 of a distant S E Owl.
10:31am 14-06-2019
Ian Forrest
The offending post has been removed.
11:29pm 13-06-2019
Maurice local
I recall Damien's reporting giving our bird club a bad image and he was stopped from reporting, surely he should be kept off or it will start all over again
9:13pm 13-06-2019
Cammy B-C
Well said Claire and others, birds and other wildlife especially badgers have a difficult enough time without modern social media users giving the game away even if it is well meaning!
Although I only use this site occasionally I seem to remember Damian reporting this sort of thing in previous years. Please keep things to yourself you never know who is watching this site.
9:07pm 13-06-2019
Christine Corbett
Lots of swifts and house martins feeding low over the Saltburn Valley Garden trees and the cliff slopes tonight but best of all, a barn owl was hunting across the slope between the top and bottom promenades, around the cliff railway and the back of the beach huts. It went down twice, successful once and then flew off, around 8.10pm. Spotted it earlier flying over the Italian Gardens.
6:18pm 13-06-2019
I also agree with Claire, it is annoying when people mention raptor sightings and then mention what moors they have been seen on. This sort of reporting was supposed to be blocked .
Not sure about two men with ruck sacks and ropes at James Cook searching for Peregrines, think security would soon pick them up if they tried to climb were they are supposed to be nesting.
But if you say so who am I to doubt your word. I do hope you reported them to security or the police.
11:56am 13-06-2019
Yes I agree Claire...I have just been approached by 2 men with rucksacks and ropes at James cook hospital searching for peregrines which apparently bred there as reported on this forum.
5:46pm 12-06-2019
Claire Pearson
As responsible birders, I'm still shocked that we think it appropriate to share nesting details in such a public forum. Only today I've read another story of a beautiful buzzard been found shot dead. Regular buzzards seen in my own area have disappeared and others found shot. Potential breeding ospreys have been chased away by over zealous photographers when details of their roosting tree was posted a couple of years ago. Please Damien remember unscrupulous people also read postings on forums like this...if you have a job you do with ringing, nest monitoring etc please do it discretely and responsibly or you inadvertantly run the risk of persecuting the very precious birds we all love to see.
4:54pm 12-06-2019
A McLee
G W Egret E Saltholme at 4 pm. more interestingly nearby, S E Owl hunting in heavy mist - feeding young perhaps?

6 Dunlin Saltholme W
4:32pm 09-06-2019
Christine Corbett
Lots of nest material gathering, mating and noise at the Staithes kittiwake colony this afternoon + 4 razorbills spotted flying up to cliff up the coast from the village and 2 small rafts of birds seen on the sea. Lots of painted lady butterflies, quite worn, seen at Staithes and around our house at Saltburn from this morning. Ringed plover and sanderling at South Gare also this morning.
3:24pm 09-06-2019
Mark Hodgson
3 Kingfishers on River Tees @ Middleton-One-Row (grid ref NZ35241214). At least 2 juveniles. 12:30 p.m. Sun 9th Jun.
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