If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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4:55pm 21-07-2020
tim robinson
yesterday,20th dead roe deer on seaton lane just past the rail bridge 3.20am
1:42pm 21-07-2020
Mike Tucker
Large number of Swifts just gone over New Marske SE direction.
9:21am 13-07-2020
Ali McLee
Quail x3 calling; west of Kirklevington on 12 June at 9.15 p.m.
9:12pm 12-07-2020
Geoffrey coleman
Black swan and Egret in pool on Seaton road near Saltholm by layby
12 July 2020 3 pm
10:17pm 06-07-2020
Ali McLee
Quail x1. Forest Lane west of Kirklevington ; 150m west of Cleveland border.
South of road in barley field . Started at 9.45 pm; reluctant caller alas ( already mated ?)
6:31am 06-07-2020
malcolm green
thanks chris
3:02pm 05-07-2020
Malcolm - EBR was in 2016 and Pec sand has been seen various years, i saw one in 2014 and i think plenty of other years too, quick search finds 2009-2014 every year, also 2017, probably more.
11:32am 05-07-2020
malcolm green
can anyone remember what year the eastern black redstart came to hartlepool and when did pectoral sandpiper came to saltholme
10:54am 02-07-2020
Hi colin are you 100% certain it was a white tailed eagle, as wow what a sighting in these parts, very lucky to see it
4:33pm 01-07-2020
Andrew Rackstraw
kite flying east to west over fens estate Hartlepool.
Identified by distictive fork tail. Assuming red kite butvdid not have binoculars to hand.Either way a garden tick for me
4:25pm 01-07-2020
Colin Severs
White Tailed Eagle seen today near Farndale 13:30, was possibly hunting but lost behind a hill and trees. Bird was about 50 yards away and came low down.
8:03am 30-06-2020
Jerry lee
Roe deer seen on Eston hills 0700
12:57pm 29-06-2020
Chris Corbett
Common terms at the Tees Barrage, great crested grebe with youngster and a couple of goosanders on the sand martin lake at Portrack Marsh this morning but no sand Martin's. Reed bunting and sedge warbler singing too
10:38am 29-06-2020
Ali McLee
2 juv peregrines playing in the high wind over the nuclear power station. Adult was not sharing its kill near by. 28 June morning.
7:50am 28-06-2020
Jerry lee
Oystercatcher flying over spencerbeck farm ormesby Friday 0900
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