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7:43pm 17-02-2021
Lauren. T
I don't have twitter so feel free to post this up on my behalf.

Driving toward A174 from Ingelby today and saw a red kite being mobbed by crows it was just near Anson Farm. Very low down and got an amazing view of it! First I've seen in the area. Nearly did an emergency stop out of shock haha. X
5:30pm 14-02-2021
Jerry lee
Audrey it’s the 14th February
3:25pm 14-02-2021
Audrey Streeting
Common Buzzard sighting, perching back garden and flying around farmers field West Park Hartlepool. Yesterday and twice today 15 February 2021
4:17pm 12-02-2021
ian Nicholas
Lapwings and Golden Plovers gathering and one White fronted Goose in the fields at windy hill farm fields.
2:03pm 12-02-2021
Mike Tucker
A few Redwing at Errington woods today.
1:05pm 11-02-2021
Richard Green
Flock of Redwing, Long Tailed Tits, Great Tits , Holyhead wood Redcar. Goldfinches, Chaffinch and singing Dunnocks on Green Lane.
5:21pm 10-02-2021
P Davenport
20+ Redpolls in the copse at Whinney Banks pond.
4:49pm 10-02-2021
Mallard with eight chicks, pond back of Norton hall. Earliest I've ever seen.
5:35pm 09-02-2021
Jerry lee
5:33pm 09-02-2021
Jerry lee
Do you mean Chatham Marsh
3:58pm 09-02-2021
Chris Corbett
Barn owl seen hunting at Cowthan Marsh from train around 8.15am and another seen near water treatment works from train around 3.45pm today.
2:10am 04-02-2021
D . Woodgate
Don't report any sightings on here any more due to my Nest Recording and and a report about a pair of Peregrines on James Cook Hospital which was thought it was easy to get to which was impossible but I thought this was interesting. A overwintering Grasshopper Warbler on Ormesby Beck.
Regards Damian
7:46pm 30-01-2021
Peter Dodsworth
Marsh harrier crossed the road in front of me ear the Sabin sign on the back road between hartlepool and stocktok
2:23pm 19-01-2021
Male Blackcap on sunflowere hearts in west Stockton.
9:19am 19-01-2021
Richard Green
Pair of vocal Sparrowhawks in vicinity of St Peter's Church Redcar.
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