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4:30pm 16-08-2018
Dennis. Bainbridge
Saltholme R. S. P. B 16th August 2018
A very blustery day with intermittent rain and sunny periods. There were quite a good variety of species around the reserve for visitors to enjoy.
There were Yellow Wagtail (4), Water Rail (1), Black-tailed Gadwit (2) and Common Snipe (4) present at Phil Stead hide. Numbers of Common Snipe, were seen on most of the pools, along with Great Crested Grebe, Pochard, Gadwall. Water Rail were seen Paddy's Pool along with LittleGrebe (3) Common Sandpiper.
The most productive pool was Dormans which had Ringed Plover (80+), Dunlin (70+), Wood Sandpiper, Greenshank, Ruff (5), Black-tailed Godwit (11), Shelduck(10 juvenile), Water Rail (2), Common Snipe (3), Curlew, and Great Crested Grebe. A Scaup was seen briefly at Haverton Viewpoint.
Birds of prey present were Marsh Harrier(2), Sparrowhawk, Kestrel,
I must thank my colleagues Neil, Barbara, Arthur and the visitors who share their sighting.
5:43pm 15-08-2018
Peter Simcock
Saltholme highlights on Wednesday 15th August.

Dormans Hide provided the best viewing today, on a blustery day. The highlights being large numbers of waders especially during the morning when it was high tide. These included 46 Ringed Plovers, 12 Lapwing, 30+Dunlin, 5 Snipe, 11 Ruff, 2 Greenshanks, 1 Common Sandpiper, and 1 Wood Sandpipier. There was a Little Grebe, and a juvenile Water Rail.
Raptors seen were a Marsh Harrier at Dormans, and a Peregrine and a Kestrel seen from Phil Stead Hide.
At Phil Stead waders included 1 Ruff, 1 Snipe and 4 Blacktailed Godwit.

Water Rails were also seen from the Wild Life Watch point.

My thanks to the other hide guides and the visitors for sightings.

Mammals included a bank vole on the Saltholme hide path.
9:10pm 12-08-2018
Rex Earnshaw
2 Barn Owls hunting area to north of greatham creek 21-00
10:52am 11-08-2018
Rex Earnshaw
Juvenile cuckoo at portrack marsh
8:58pm 09-08-2018
Neil Hutton
Dorman’s pool hide is certainly proving a quality alternative when the Saltholme pool hide is closed. Today numbers there were lapwing 50+, dunlin 30+, little egret 16, ringed plover 6, ruff 2, greenshank 2, black tailed godwit 1, and alongside them dozens of wagtails and pipits. Elsewhere on the reserve there were green sandpiper, lots of snipe, garganey, black tailed godwit and little egret at Phil Stead. There are still lots of Reed and sedge warbler at the watchpoint and the water rail was showing well there. The marsh harrier was seen there and buzzard and kestrel were seen at other places on the reserve. Wildfowl numbers are holding up all over the reserve with teal numbers noticeably on the increase. Thanks to colleagues and visitors who contributed to the recordings today.
6:07pm 08-08-2018
Adrienne S
Saltholme highlights on Wednesday 8th August
On a warm, sunny day at Saltholme, one of the main attractions was scaup, with 3 on the Visitor Centre lake and two at the Saltholme screen, where 2 garganey were also present.
Dorman's hide produced plenty of waders: 40 lapwing, 20+ dunlin, 4 ruff, 4 snipe, 6 black tailed godwit, 4 ringed plover, 3 greenshank and a single wood sandpiper. Common and green sandpipers were seen at Paddy's and up to 20 snipe were present at Phil Stead.
In terms of raptors, sparrowhawk, buzzard, marsh harrier and 2 kestrels were seen.
Two black swans were on Back Saltholme, while juvenile terns were present on the islands still.
Willow warblers and whitethroat were seen on the Phil Stead Path, water rail with juveniles were on the lakeside there, and a huge flock of goldfinch flew around the reed bed. Little egrets were on all the lakes and plenty of little and great crested grebe were seen.
There were plenty of bird reports coming in, so thanks to all the guides and visitors and apologies for not including everything.
10:58am 08-08-2018
Has anyone seen or heard of recent sighting of the eagle owl at Wainstones. I fancy going to see it but it is a long journey if it is no longer there!
6:52pm 04-08-2018
Rex Earnshaw
Surf Scoter at 18-30 with thanks to unknown help who found it in group about half mile north of first large flock. Also several grasshopper Warbler calling as I walked back, good end to a good day
11:06am 04-08-2018
Rex Earnshaw
Wykham Forest , 2 Gosshawks and 2 honey buzzards
9:35pm 03-08-2018
Dorman's, from hide, 17:00ish. 2 green sandpipers, about a dozen snipe, 8 black-tailed godwits, large numbers of lapwings, at least 3 GC grebes and lots of little egrets. No sign of the GW teal, alas. Non-bird sightings included 2 comma butterflies.
4:28pm 02-08-2018
Dennis Bainbridge
Saltholme Reserve 2nd August. Warm breezy day brought a good variety of birds both on the reserve and adjoining Dormans Pond where there were Black-tailed Godwit (23), Ruff (1) and Greenshank (1).
The main reserve produced numerous species on all ponds. Gadwall numbers are greatly reduced (7) as are numbers of Shoveler (8). Over on Haverton Pond there are still Great Crested Grebe (4) with four juvenile including a very young Humbug stage.
Snipe were present on bottom tank along with Gadwall, Shoveler and Little Egret. Main lake had Pochard, Little Grebe, Great Crested Grebe along with a surprising covy of Grey Partridge (6). Watch Point had Water Rail around the feeders, again Gadwall, Reed Warbler, Teal, Little Grebe and a Marsh Harriet quartering over the reed beds.
Paddy's Pool and the wetland was quite interesting as there were three juvenile Kestrel following the tractor topping the grass. On the pool it sef were Common Sandpiper (2) with Little Grebe (6) and Great Crested Grebe. I must at this point thank my colleagues Neil Hutton, Barbara Keville and the numerous visitors who kindly gave myself their sightings
11:17am 02-08-2018
Peter Garbutt
Garganey at West Saltholme
9:16pm 01-08-2018
ray cox
Barn Owl on steelworks fence 100 yards from Marsh House crossing on South Gare road at 20.45
6:58pm 01-08-2018
Adrienne S
Saltholme highlights on Wednesday
It was a grey, sultry day. At least 45 bird species were seen on the reserve.
With the Saltholme hide still closed, many visitors enjoyed scanning the areas around the Visitor Centre, the gardens and the dragonfly ponds for smaller creatures: sightings included holly blue, comma, red admiral, peacock and green veined white butterflies, together with blue tailed damselflies, ruddy darter and common hawker.
Birdwise, there were many species of ducks in eclipse visible across the reserve: wigeon, teal (89 flying at Dorman's), pochard, mallard, tufted duck and shoveler. The green winged teal was still at Dorman's.
Almost every area of water also held little grebe and great crested grebe (some with chicks), little egret and grey heron. Water rail were seen and heard at the Wildlife Watchpoint and the Discovery Zone, with an adult and two juveniles at the Phil Stead hide.
The best selection of waders was on West Saltholme (viewed from the road): a large group of black tailed godwits mingling with a single curlew sandpiper, ruff, dunlin and greenshank. Green sandpiper, little ringed plover and common sandpiper were seen at Dorman's, with common sandpiper and greenshank also showing at Paddy's. 30 curlew were on Saltholme wet grasslands, with a scattering of lapwing on the fringes.
Two adult black swans were on Back Saltholme, with three juveniles on East Saltholme.
At least two marsh harriers were seen, one from Dorman's, with other sightings at Paddy's and Haverton. Two kestrels were seen in flight.
Perhaps the best sighting, however, was a dog otter at Haverton.
Thanks to the other hide guides (on and off duty) and our visitors for all the sightings.
6:20pm 31-07-2018
Chris Murphy
Moulting ad Curlew Sand on Saltholme West at 18:15
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