If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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5:09pm 15-12-2018
Minimalist Saltholme highlights from a "slightly fresh" day:

At least one ring-tailed hen harrier showed in various locations, with morning and mid-afternoon sightings from Dormans, plus a bout of hunting from Phil Stead (13:00ish) to Top Tank, to dropping onto prey in the vicinity of the meadow (viewed from long range). Kestrel in various locations, and at least three peregrines (regular adult pair, who teamed up to see off a juvenile).

Other highlights included a barn owl towards Haverton; at least 50 fieldfares (Phil Stead, plus hawthorns on north and west sides of main lake); water rail, 100ish barnacle geese, pochard, and at least 2 little grebe from Paddy's; two red-breasted mergansers and a couple of female goldeneye but no pintails when I was at Saltholme hide (possibly retreated to Dormans, which should be more sheltered?). At least 160 curlews flew in to roost on West Saltholme, and the starling murmuration started very early in appalling light (around 15:10).

Thanks to everyone who contributed to these sightings and otherwise braved the cold.
2:06pm 14-12-2018
Rex Earnshaw
Thanks to Brian for leading the walk today , bright sun , plenty of good birds , lots of info and great company what more could you want ( a kingfisher! )
5:14pm 13-12-2018
Neil Hutton
The day started fine and still, but as the breeze got up things cooled down a lot. The fine start was matched by the sight of 19 Tundra Bean Geese on Saltholme field, but they flew off as the reserve was opening. Raptors were about all day with the two peregrines seemingly almost residential now, sitting by Back Saltholme, and sparrowhawk and kestrel also about. Long eared and short eared owls were seen at Haverton. Lapwings gave some spectacular flights,wings glistening in the winter sun, and golden plover and curlew were also seen in numbers. Redshank and dunlin were seen from the Pools hide, and the winter wildfowl numbers are still building all over the reserve. The day closed with a great starling murmuration close to the visitor centre.
5:04pm 12-12-2018
Adrienne and Pete S
Saltholme highlights on Wednesday 12 December
The day began well with early sunshine, but by the end of the day a chill wind was blowing.
It felt like winter, with small groups of redwing and fieldfare moving along the trees and hedgerows, together with feeding flocks of goldfinch and greenfinch. There were significant numbers of wgeon, teal, lapwing, golden plover, curlew and shelduck out towards the Saltholme hide, with 30 barnacle geese and smaller numbers of pintail (3), gadwall (2) and little grebe (2). Around 20 pochard and 2/3 redshank were seen on the Visitor Centre Lake
However, the main highlights of the day were the raptors: a single hen harrier over the reedbeds, a short eared owl quartering and sitting in the grass by the Jubilee Mound, two peregrine sitting on the grassland beyond the Saltholme hide, a kestrel at Haverton and a sparrowhawk at the WLWP.
As the light faded, there was an impressive murmuration of starlings over the reedbed and a hare ran ahead of me on the path back to the Visitor Centre.
Thanks to everyone for reporting sightings.
4:36pm 08-12-2018
j k smith
3 waxwings saltholme car park early pm sat. flew towards wildlife watch point
7:03pm 07-12-2018
Caroline Walker
1 adult and 6 juvenile Whooper Swans at Greenabella at 14:35 on 7th December, taking off and heading further up Greatham Creek.

Also pair of Red-breasted Mergansers at mouth of Greatham Creek.
6:36pm 06-12-2018
Dennis Bainbridge
Saltholme Reserve 6th December
The day started very overcast with period's of rain, which affected species seen. However as the weather improved number of birds also improved with Redwing and Fieldfares along with Redshank appearing at Fire Station, Watch point and Main Lake.
The Long-eared Owl at the Clarence scrub is still proving very mobile in its roosting area's around the boardwalk. The most productive pools were Paddy's and the newly reopened Saltholme Pool, both had large numbers of Wigeon (2000+), Lapwing (1000+), Shelduck (50+), Shoveler (30+) Teal (80+), Barnacle Geese (15 at Paddy's) (80+ at Saltholme) respectfully. Also present through out the reserve were Pochard, Curlew (100+). Tufted Duck, Gadwall numbers appear to have decreased throughout the reserve, although this could be weather related over the past few days.
Birds of prey observed were Long eared Owl, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel. I must thank my colleagues Arthur Truby, Neil Hutton and numerous visitors.
1:52pm 06-12-2018
Tony Marron
Flock of around 40 Twite landed on perimeter fence, SABIC North Tees.
6:00pm 03-12-2018
Tony Barnes
AM,Black-necked Grebe,viewed from the Seal screen,also three Red-breasted Mergansers.
7:25pm 30-11-2018
Barn owl south gare near golf course falcon near gare lighthouse have photo unknown to us small body large wing span feathered tips
7:29pm 29-11-2018
Dave Gallagher
Female Pintail on Norton pond. Feeding the ducks when this smart little bird appeared. It was chasing the Mallards about and eating my seeds 2m away from me. I noticed it last night in the semi dark but could not I/D. Looked again today but could not find it until I started feeding the ducks, it appeared almost straight away. Still not sure of what I was looking at so sent photos to Chris Sharp who confirmed female pintail. Another tick for the pond.
6:15pm 29-11-2018
Neil Hutton
It was seen on Monday, and then today at 13.40 photographed from the wildlife watchpoint. Seen by only two people so far, but this bird which summers in S. Europe and winters in N. Africa, will have a lot of watchers next time it appears - a busy weekend ahead!
Other sightings today included peregrines from Pools hide and WW hide, red breasted mergansers from Pools hide, goldeneye on the main lake and Back Saltholme, pintails and about 120 barnacle goose from the Poolshide.
8:36pm 27-11-2018
Frank Sanderson
Two Tawny owls calling to each other ,4am Monday morning in the rain .Spotted in trees in grounds of the highfield hotel marton road Middlesbrough.
4:02pm 27-11-2018
Andy Beedle
Ian, it did actually fly about 50m above half a dozen guys out shooting with dogs & 4WD's so it's presence isn't a secret but you have a very valid point & I won't post again. Cheers Andy
2:46pm 27-11-2018
Ian Foster
To Andy Beedle :- It might be best not to answer that question or in fact post any sightings of a "Ringtail" on here. We don't know who keeps an eye on these sightings...not a problem with birds reported on the coast or North Tees Marshes etc...just not the Moorland area's for obvious reasons.
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