If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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11:11am 11-04-2020
Adrienne S Where is castle lake 40+ swans flew over nunthorpe on thursday
10:26am 11-04-2020
Adrienne S
Recount - 67 whoopers on Castle Lake
10:06am 11-04-2020
Adrienne S
51 whooper swans just landed on Castle Lake. Seen on our daily walk
5:47pm 10-04-2020
P, Eastwood
I think I would have cracked up by now if it wasn't for the garden birds, robin feeding chicks in coconut nest box , starlings in my swift boxes,great tits and blue tits checking out nest boxes, blackbird and dunnock carrying nest materials, better than watching telly.
2:13pm 08-04-2020
Chris Corbett
Hooded crow along cliffs between Marske and Saltburn this morning as well as 3 ringed plover and a handful each of sanderling, oystercatcher and turnstone. Lots of linnets, skylarks and pipits along the cliffs and fields.
10:59am 07-04-2020
Ali McLee
All W of Kirklevington. Fieldfare x15; snipe x1; greylag - pair; chiffchaff x11; nuthatch x1; song thrush x3; willow warbler x1.
Lots of bare fields but no lapwing to make use of them.
7:32pm 06-04-2020
1 Male Wheatear. Seen on a walk from Seamer towards Newby on farmers field 19:00.
2:29pm 06-04-2020
Christine Corbett
Male wheatear on the cliff top fields at Saltburn yesterday morning, 2 hares below Warsett Hill, pair of stonechat and lots of linnets. Tree sparrows near Ladgate Cottage, all on my daily walk.
6:29pm 05-04-2020
Ali McLee
Mouse martin x1 over Kirklevington today - warm south winds.
6:54pm 04-04-2020
Mike Tucker
Tawny Owl and Buzzard at Errington woods this afternoon.
6:29am 04-04-2020
malcolm green
red crested pochard bowsfied horse lake
11:15am 03-04-2020
C. Spence.
Tree creeper. Ward Jackson Park.
4:12am 03-04-2020
Jerry lee
Hope people are only birdwatching whilst out on their daily excessive
4:57pm 01-04-2020
Christine Corbett
My first blackcap singing in Saltburn Valley Gardens this morning and a treecreeper nest building.
11:06am 31-03-2020
Christine Corbett
3 ringed plover on beach between Saltburn and Marske, two in breeding plumage, one in winter (or juvenile?) being chased off by one of the other adults. Dead guillemot on beach, partially eaten, fox kill perhaps. Lots of turnstone feeding along strandline and receding tide, some sanderling, a few oystercatcher. Red tailed bumblebee on rosemary at front of house for last couple of days, my first this year.
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