If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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8:19am 08-05-2020
Adam Jones
European Bee-eater flew over Hartburn, Stockton-On-Tees at 06:30 this morning, headed North West.
5:35pm 07-05-2020
Swifts over ormesby 0800
2:16pm 06-05-2020
Cuckoo heard between Roxby & Borrowby turn 12.30ish.
12:38pm 06-05-2020
First Swifts of the year. 3 over Seamer 6 May 12:30pm
11:43am 06-05-2020
Chris Corbett
Lone sand martin excavating nest hole at Agar's Gap, ringed plover on beach between Saltburn and Marske, small group of poss scoter on sea and best of all, pod of dolphins chasing fish more towards Marske. Lots of activity, some tail slaps, surfacing, gulls waiting for scraps. Fantastic sight, at least 5 but they were hard to keep track of.
10:06am 06-05-2020
Mel Cowton
Plenty c whitethroat, long tail tit, willow warbler and immaculate pair lesser whitethroat feeding, Seaton Carew area.
10:04am 06-05-2020
Bill Hutchinson
Just seen a Bull Finch. Haven't seen one for years.
4:48pm 05-05-2020
Ali McLee
Today at " Bus Stop Hide" at Greatham Bridge, there were ~80 B H Gulls in various stages of breeding on Avoct Island. Not a single Avocet around - figure it out.
12:13pm 05-05-2020
Mel Cowton
Since the lockdown, noticed house sparrows taking salts from brickwork joints every day in garden.
9:45pm 04-05-2020
Stewy Swales
One bad, two good.

Dead Barn Owl today (no ring), near Cowpen Bewley railway crossing.

First Swift of the year this evening over Cowpen Bewley.
Five Common Buzzards over Cowpen Bewley.
6:56pm 04-05-2020
Wood warbler Kinterbury close Seaton Carew
Seen one last year at same location.
4:40pm 04-05-2020
Afternoon walk at Portrack Marsh and along the Tees produced 2 common sandpipers, good numbers of sedge warblers, plus one cetti's warbler and a singing lesser whitethroat (towards the Tees flyover from the marsh, by the stretch of path with fencing on both sides).

Almost made going to Asda bearable. ;)
12:47pm 04-05-2020
Chris Corbett
And 2 wheatears in the field next to the Coastguard Cottages
12:46pm 04-05-2020
Chris Corbett
Willow warbler singing in Saltburn Gill this morning, upper section
10:27pm 03-05-2020
Tony Marron
Grasshopper Warbler reeling at NHS Trust, Flatt's Lane, tonight. Whitethroat coming in over last 10 days or so, with 5 calling again tonight. Muted TV to listen to Blackbird singing his evening song after watching him feed young in my back garden earlier, beautiful!
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