If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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1:27pm 22-03-2020
Mike Tucker
4 Buzzards over New Marske just now, moving south.
7:54pm 21-03-2020
Mike Tucker
Fisticuffs between blue tits and tree sparrows over one of my boxes in the garden. Blue tits remain in residence at the moment but it may change.
7:51pm 21-03-2020
Mike Tucker
Chiffchaff at Errington woods
5:27pm 20-03-2020
Richard Green
Chiffchaff singing yesterday in Holyhead wood Redcar.
12:48pm 20-03-2020
Hi is there a happens to benyone on here know where cross ness near scarboro
8:20pm 16-03-2020
Christine Corbett
Heard chiffchaff in Valley Gardens at Saltburn this afternoon
8:16pm 16-03-2020
Christine Corbett
Small group of approx 13/14 auks on the high tide under the cliffs at Huntcliff this morning, probably razorbill as upper parts and head were very black but only had binoculars so couldn't see detail. Pair of eider duck in sea also.
5:15pm 16-03-2020
Tim robinson
on my way to work 3.15 am lovely barn owl sat on post ,A689 greatham, on my way home ,there was a dead barn owl on the way into Hartlepool,same place,
7:49pm 11-03-2020
Christine Corbett
Great view of Barn Owl perched on fence between Longbeck and Redcar East train stations this morning on 7.18 train from Saltburn. See it most mornings at the moment, best way to start the day.
2:40pm 09-03-2020
Buzzard flying at height of no more than 3 metres over fields alongside Sandy Lane and New Buildings Farm, New Marske at 16.45 yesterday (08.03.2020)
3:30pm 08-03-2020
Some good views of a couple of Marsh Harriers at Dormans Pool yesterday afternoon. To the two birders who were there, Mick and Gary(sorry if the names are wrong, my memory is terrible for names) me and the Missus enjoyed the crack, made nice change. Btw, got a great view of the juvenile Marsh Harrier sat on a fence post as we drove towards the main road.
8:14pm 06-03-2020
Marty Lowery
Barn owl flew toward me and across right in front of car. 06.10 this morning on bypass outside new Kirkleatham building.
4:06pm 05-03-2020
Marty Lowery
3 waxwings on bush just before concrete bridge over river on Coatham Marsh from Warrenby. Approx 13.30. Just having a walk whilst waiting for car repair. Managed to get within 6ft of them and take pics of them feeding on berries, with mobile. Unexpected but brilliant.
1:01pm 29-02-2020
Steve Lane
Little Egret seems to be staying around. Seen in Leven at Stokesley a few times this week.
12:30pm 22-02-2020
Little Egret on the river in Great Ayton opposite the Buck pub 12:25pm
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