If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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9:04pm 22-06-2020
Col R
Top end Longdrag hide to new Sabic fence. Young cuckoo been fed by pipit along length of stock fence.
9:50am 22-06-2020
Lauren Gibson
I have observed a green woodpecker on the land behind Wynyard Avenue, near to the coniferous forest area. The woodpecker was calling and flying, landed in the trees. 100% certain on species.
5:55pm 21-06-2020
Saltholme this afternoon (first time back as a volunteer):

The three spoonbills were on Back Saltholme, viewable from the Mike Corner screen, although highly mobile once they woke up.

Six ruddy shelduck on the wet grassland beyond Paddy's at 12:15, and still there around 2pm, but couldn't find them when I checked again at 3.

Gropper reeling near Haverton Gate.

Non-bird highlights included an emperor dragonfly between the meadow and Haverton gate, balc-tailed skimmer near top tank and numerous burnet moths, mostly at the Haverton end of the reserve.
11:58am 21-06-2020
Peter Dodsworth
Just about to put the finishing touches my aviary and a sparrow hawk caught a sparrow almost on top of it I’m gonna have to be careful ringneck parakeet numbers gone done in Rudd’s rec last week there was 18 flying in a flock like birmingham rollers round and round. Bullfinches and goldfinches in the garden this morning. Lots of fry feeding on the weed on the boardwalk down the barrage rowing club lovely morning
9:30am 21-06-2020
Several nightjars showing well last night in Guisborough Forest. Also, repeated sightings of woodcock.
4:15pm 19-06-2020
Ali McLee
3 Spoonbills this pm Saltholme.
1:52pm 19-06-2020
Connor Pimm
Short-eared Owl seen hunting around Highcliffe nab 15/06 @ 21:30.
9:40pm 17-06-2020
Col R
27 Avocet viewed on Sabic site from lorry layby end of Longdrag. 2 Grasshopper warbler reeling Portrack.
7:53pm 15-06-2020
Steve H
Barn owl hunting in field next to Dunsdale recycling center and little owl on telegraph pole between Guisborough cemetery and carboot field.
5:13pm 10-06-2020
Peter Dodsworh
Ring neck parakeet explosion rudds rec oxbridge cemetery 10 juveniles on the wing
9:55pm 09-06-2020
Steve H
2 little owls on telegraph poles near tockett bridge carboot field.
8:19pm 09-06-2020
Red Backed Shrike still showing at Zinc Works Road, ca. 18:15 (perched on fence guarding power station land).

Great white egret on Saltholme East from 18:45 for at least one hour.
11:39am 09-06-2020
M. Bargewell-Cook
Red kite over Linthorpe cemetery
8:51pm 08-06-2020
Chris Corbett
Pair of blackcaps with at least one fledgling in Saltburn Valley, below Albert Memorial this morning. Sand Martins still active at Agar's Gap and single ringed plover spotted calling and flying around top part of beach between Saltburn and Marske
8:27am 08-06-2020
Martyn Close
Black-Tailed Godwit (Male)at Island Farm Pond. Bishop Middleham
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