If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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2:39pm 27-03-2020
P Eastwood
Four buzzards over Norton today
2:26pm 27-03-2020
Christine Corbett
Beefly in old nursery site, Saltburn Valley Gardens
10:43am 27-03-2020
Mike Tucker
First Large White yesterday also Comma, Small Tort and Peacocks, Errington Woods.
10:38am 27-03-2020
Christine Corbett
Male wheatear on Marske beach, near the boats and then flew along the edge of the dunes a little way towards Saltburn. 2 male and 1 female eider in sea, 3 male RB mergansers, 3 common scoter, several divers, lots of gulls stalking them all.
9:12pm 25-03-2020
chiffchaff heard and seen up the hill from longbank farm ormesby
7:52pm 25-03-2020
Christine Corbett
5 male and 2 female eider duck on the sea this morning, just off Huntcliff, the males displaying and kittiwakes back on the cliffs. Chiffchaff in little Dale and the valley gardens. Lots of peacock and small tortoiseshell butterflies up on the cliff top, down near the beach, along my street.
7:50pm 24-03-2020
Christine Corbett
A couple of chiffchaffs singing at the bottom of Hazelgrove this morning and one in the valley gardens at Saltburn. Small group of scoter in the sea off Saltburn beach. Goldfinches gathering nesting material and goldcrest singing among usual birds along Donkey Path from bottom of Hazelgrove to Saltburn town.
11:47pm 23-03-2020
Tony Marron
1st Chiffchaff heard Saturday, Tees Health Trust, Flatts Lane. Further two heard & one seen on Sunday, but none today. Barn owl still showing regularly just before dusk & 7ish in the morning. Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Willow, Blue & Long Tailed Tit regulars & at least 6 Wren singing around the patch.
1:27pm 22-03-2020
Mike Tucker
4 Buzzards over New Marske just now, moving south.
7:54pm 21-03-2020
Mike Tucker
Fisticuffs between blue tits and tree sparrows over one of my boxes in the garden. Blue tits remain in residence at the moment but it may change.
7:51pm 21-03-2020
Mike Tucker
Chiffchaff at Errington woods
5:27pm 20-03-2020
Richard Green
Chiffchaff singing yesterday in Holyhead wood Redcar.
12:48pm 20-03-2020
Hi is there a happens to benyone on here know where cross ness near scarboro
8:20pm 16-03-2020
Christine Corbett
Heard chiffchaff in Valley Gardens at Saltburn this afternoon
8:16pm 16-03-2020
Christine Corbett
Small group of approx 13/14 auks on the high tide under the cliffs at Huntcliff this morning, probably razorbill as upper parts and head were very black but only had binoculars so couldn't see detail. Pair of eider duck in sea also.
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