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4:38pm 07-06-2012
Eston Hills / Moor this afternoon. Willow warbler, yellowhammer, linnets, Kestrel, Curlew, Skylark, Meadow pipet and loads of Swifts and Swallow on top of moor. Heard Chiff Chaff.
2:22pm 07-06-2012
john reilly
Barn Owl hunting either side of North Tees level xing last night about 20:30, gave great views, flew right up to our works van, great sight whilst having a well earned cuppa. If anybody wants to get a good view of a Little Owl, take the Tanton road off the Stokesley to Stockton road and there is a tree so far down heading towards Great Ayton, we have seen it regularly.It even lets you drive right up to it without flying away.
12:37pm 07-06-2012
Ian Forrest
Dormans Pool - am - Marsh Harrier hunting north end - same one as seen yesterday.

Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park - Nightingale singing at 11.40. Reed Warbler pair nesting on beck.
8:00pm 06-06-2012
Tim robinson
peregrine x 2 hunting from sabic tower .female marsh harrier dormans.and observed a cuckoo laying in a meddow pippits nest near seaton carew.
5:51pm 06-06-2012
R Earnshaw
Redcar linnets. They mainly feed on the niger seeds but do go on the feeder with sunflower seeds, they have been feeding for 3 days now between 3/5 at a time. they share the feeder with goldfinches quite happily. We have linnet young feeding as well.
5:05pm 06-06-2012
Ian Forrest
Dormans Pool - pm - Marsh Harrier.

RSPB Saltholme - 2.00pm - Garganey asleep in front of hide. Still present at 4.30pm feeding amongst the drowned grass right in front of the hide.
4:55pm 06-06-2012
L Curwen
Redcar east...linnets. We have had linnets, usually a pair, coming to the niger feeder for 3 years now. They often share the feeder with a couple of goldfinch. In 2010 they brought young. Haven't seen any young so far this year.
4:50pm 06-06-2012
Sylvia Brennan
Buzzard soaring over Elementis ecology site at approx 11.30am today. Viewed whilst travelling along Durham Lane opposite Tetleys entrance.
3:11pm 06-06-2012
A McLee
R Earnshaw - linnets on garden feeder. This is very unusual. What food were they taking?
1:45pm 06-06-2012
Ian Forrest
RSPB Saltholme - am - Phil Stead Hide - Little Egert x3, Little Grebe x2, Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler, Shoveler x4, Gadwall x12, Pochard x10, Shelduck x2. Tree Sparrow, Blue Tit, Linnet, Goldfinch, Greenfinch and Wren in trees beside hide.

Saltholme Hide - Little Ringed Plover, Ruff with ginger ruff, Redshank, Avocet x1. Marsh Harrier over east pond and Dormans Pool. Several Yellow Wagtail along path to hide.

Osprey reported flying north past visitor centre at around 11.00am.
1:39pm 06-06-2012
R Earnshaw
Coast Road Redcar, lots of linnet in back garden queuing up to get on feeders
10:00pm 05-06-2012
Chris Simpson
Thanks Ian, I have seen Buzzards before normally high up, the behaviour of this was not like I had seen before.
9:21pm 05-06-2012
Ian Forrest
Chris, sounds more like a Marsh Harrier from the behaviour - two have been seen around the reserve and Dormans Pool over the last few days.

RSPB Saltholme - am - Little Ringed Plover x2 at Phil Stead Hide. Heron seen catching and eating a Moorhen chick. Little Grebe with chick still. Garganey drake reported there this afternoon.
9:17pm 05-06-2012
Chris Simpson
Further to my previous posting RE Buzzard, it was hovering similar to a Kestrel but low to the ground, about 6-8 feet. I was driving so couldnt get a really good look, would this be a Buzzard or Marsh Harrier?
5:33pm 05-06-2012
Chris Simpson
16.55 tonight coming out of Saltholme, Common Buzzard no more than 30 feet away low over verge side, great sight! Anyone else see it?
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