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8:45pm 16-05-2011
There is a car park by the beck (mainly used by fishermen). The osprey seems to rise from the trees on the east side. There is a good view across the reservoir without getting too close
8:08pm 16-05-2011
Steven Jones
please can someone advise where is the best location to watch for the osprey at Lockwood beck? is it open to public access?
7:47pm 16-05-2011
m tyreman
north gare this morning.shore lark on fairway,golden plover,lots of wheatear and gropper reeling.
7:37pm 16-05-2011
Eddie n Wayne H
South Gare, 0800 - 0845
Rock Pipit, Pied Wagtails, Wheatear, Shelduck, Greylag Geese, Sanderlings,
Very wind swept so gave up.
Saltburn Valley gardens.
Blackcap, Swift, Swallow, Sand Martin, Green Finch, Gold Finch, 2X woodpeckers heard. Peacocks heard. Pheasant,
Saltburn sea cliffs
Kittiwake, Fulmar and Herring Gulls on nests or building. 4x Cormarants, 1 x Shag on ledges. 5 x Common Redpolls on cliff/grassed areas. 2x Pied Wagtails.
Lockwood Beck 1330 - 1425
Oeprey seen 3 times.
Greylag with 50+ chicks. Mistle Thrush, Collared Dove, Gold Finch. Grey Wagtail.
No sign of the Crossbills reported earlier.
4:42pm 16-05-2011
Ian Forrest
RSPB Saltholme - pm - Phil Stead hide only visited - Temminck's Stint x1 - remained distant, Wood Sandpiper and Black-tailed Godwit x5 were the most notable birds.
4:18pm 16-05-2011
Getting repetitive but . . . . Osprey at Lockwood Beck hovering from 11.15am till 12.45pm today. Only 4 dives in that time and no catches. Perched on a tree due South for 10 minutes (two trees with some workings in front) before leaving in the direction of Sleddale
3:33pm 16-05-2011
Kevin Ervin
3 drake Garganey on Saltholme pool this morning along with Ruff in breeding plumage 6 Ringed/Little Ringed Plover (at great distance plus heat haze) on Back Saltholme with 3 Dunlin. 5 Black Tailed Godwit and Wood Sandpiper on Bottom Tank.
2:56pm 16-05-2011
Just outside area but a Merlin on Ugthorpe Moor. Unidentified bird of prey towards Freebrough Hill mobbed by crows. Likely a Common Buzzard viewed from cattle grid at Lockwood Beck/Castleton road end.
Excellent views of Osprey over Lockwood Beck itself @ 1pm this afternoon.
1:53pm 16-05-2011
Osprey yesterday at Lockwood beck from about 7pm. Was hunting but failed to catch anything then landed in a tree on the far side and seemed to be getting ready to spend the night there.
Unidentified Buntings (possible Ortolan Buntings) on the side of the road and in fields just near crag bank off the Whitby road.
1:47pm 16-05-2011
osprey at lockwood beck on post at the side of the road just after cattle grid.
11:27am 16-05-2011
Great spotted woodpecker / blackcap chiffchaff / Robin/ chaffinches /moorhen/ swallows great tits spotted at pinchingthorphe woods near lake 15:4:2011. At 10:00a.m
11:35pm 15-05-2011
Mike Leakey
Drake Garganey on Holme Fleet, Cowpen Marsh this lunchtime.
11:09pm 15-05-2011
James Robson
South Gare this afternoon - 2 Wheatear, 1 Rock Pipit (seems a bit late for here)
Good number of Oystercatcher, Turnstone, Common Ringed Plover, Dunlin, Knot and 4 Bar-tailed Godwit, 3 Sanderling, Pied Wagtails plus 1 White Wagtail.
Kestrel hunting by pools near TCP and a handful of Reed Warbler and Linnet flitting about.
Usual selection of gulls and corvids.
9:54pm 15-05-2011
Richard Taylor
Adult Hobby over Dormans Pool late am, drifted over Saltholme then back east. The Shorelark was on the unused fairway at North Gare ca. 10.30 am
9:30pm 15-05-2011
chip f
given ringed plover incubation period is over 3 weeks long it's a miracle they ever raise chicks. they lay eggs in the daftest places.
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