If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu

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6:18pm 30-05-2011
Tony Barnes
Two Spoonbills flew into West Saltholme at 16:30.
5:13pm 30-05-2011
Osprey briefly at Lockwood beck yesterday approx 7.30pm - didn't see any attempt to fish. Bushes at far end of the lake heaving with willow warblers.
8:53pm 29-05-2011
Maurice Local
Thanks to Colin's prompt reporting 40-50 members have seen the RNP.
It was relocated to back Saltholme at 8.30pm.
6:44pm 29-05-2011
Colin Crebbin
1811hr Red-necked phalarope (prob male) at East Saltholme - very flighty on choppy waters, trying to feed.
5:17pm 29-05-2011
Mike Corner
N.Yorkshire Battersby road level crossing - Quail still calling 4.30pm
1:34pm 29-05-2011
Ian Robinson
Female Sparrowhawk devouring Robin on my lawn in Guisborough!
11:29am 29-05-2011
Mark Fishpool
Osprey briefly at Scaling Dam at 9am. Mobbed by a pair of Curlew. Shoveler, Spotter Flycatcher and Graden Warbler at Margrove Ponds.
10:33am 29-05-2011
Tim Dredge
South-east Co D urham-29th May
Hardwick CP -4ish.
2 pairs of Nuthatch both with young.
Little Grebe & GC Grebe. 5 GSWs inc 2 juvs.
H.Burn 7.30-9pm.
Tawny Owl hunting near footbridge.
Yellowhammer,Reed Bunting,Willow Warb,GC Grebe with young. Canada & Greylag with young.
Oystercatcher,Lapwing,Shelduck,Swifts,Sand Martins,Swallows.4 G.Herons.
A689 near Bradbury Petrol station-10am, Tawny Owl over.
7:30pm 28-05-2011
john reilly
yesterday at Battersby Road level xing quail calling, at garden bank wood opposite the old westerdale railway station pair of pied flycatchers, pair of spotted flycatchers, single goldcrest, treecreeper, pair of redstarts and a pair of woodcocks all within 50 metres of each other and within ten minutes of each other, not bad considering we were just having our lunch break at work
6:12pm 28-05-2011
Mike Tucker
Barn owls are nesting in my buildings for the second year running at New Marske
4:50pm 28-05-2011
Dave o brien..I have been driving taxi 10 yrs now dave and have seen barn owls every year from yearby to where i seen it last night at ici roundabout.Glad someone else has seen barn owl too.Best sight when sits on fence posts near a174!!...Can get pretty close then it will move away from post to post!!
4:34pm 28-05-2011
Cuckoo heard, then seen along The Long Drag at 1.30pm
3:09pm 28-05-2011
Dave O'Brien
Shineynut, I was driving along Grewgrass Lane, New Marske yesterday morning and my passenger saw a Barn Owl flying into a farm outbuilding.
12:56am 28-05-2011
Barn owl hunting in fields along side a174 near ici roundabout behind kirkleatham.Wonderful sight!!! I have noticed barn owls in this area for last few years.Glad to see they are still around!
5:55pm 27-05-2011
J Money & R Caygell
Osprey Seen at Lockwood Beck at 12.15 today, it flew off in the direction of Guisborough (no sign of fish) as we arrived in the car park. No further sightings upto 1.30. Also Spotted Flycatcher and family of Grey Wagtails.
Earlier at Margrove pond, Garganey still present and a pair of Spotted Flycatchers along track to the left towards Slapewath
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