If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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11:40am 17-05-2012
Jonathan Wilson
Just outside the area I know but maybe of some interest, 35+ Crossbills along Foresty Commission road near Clay Bank Car Park near Broughton. Being seen regularly in the last few months.
8:56am 17-05-2012
Julie Hogg
Back Saltholme: 3 x Little Gull 08:50
10:54pm 16-05-2012
Ian Robinson
Levisham Woods this evening - heard Cuckoo and Blackcap.
6:20pm 16-05-2012
A McLee
Cowpen bewley C P - 4.30 a few desultory notes from the Nightingale and some croaking. Garden Warbler singing by the bridge as you leave the car park to enter the park itself.
5:17pm 16-05-2012
Ted Parker/Don Page
Skinningrove this morning: 330 Gannets and 1,000 Kittiwakjes flew north, and a female type Marsh Harrier flew north several kilometres out at sea. Also 2 Eiders and 2 Whimbrels flew north and a summer-plumaged Red-throated Diver on the sea. Quiet at Hummersea apart from the usual Little Owl, a pair of Grey Partridges and 5 Whitethroats. Scaling Dam quite productive this afternoon with a Short-eared Owl, Peregrine, first-winter Little Gull, Common Sandpiper, Wood Duck and 50-60 Swifts.
12:28pm 16-05-2012
Toby Collett
1st summer Med Gull at Calor Gas this morning. Bittern booming at Haverton. Garganey on Fire Station Field. Whimbrel and 5 Black-tailed Godwit on Wet Grassland.
12:15pm 16-05-2012
Barn Owl flying along the hedges at coatham stob last night 8 45 near to the pumping station. also 2 roe deer stod in the first field
9:58am 16-05-2012
Paul Shakeshaft
Late report from Tuesday 15th May.
Seaton Common 5 pm @ In field with horses next to the car park at 5pm. Yellow wagtail (male) and 1 whimbrel. At 6pm in same field 3 Whimbrel. 14 wheatears on golf course.

Re Marty Barfoot's post concerning nightingale, we had "cracking views" because the three of us didn't speak. We would all have more "cracking views" of close-up birds if there was a bit more hush.
7:48am 16-05-2012
gaz cumo
in my garden this morning 7-30 feeding fish ,when noticed from a distance what i thought was huge gull heading towards me , then as it got closer thought heron , but as it got closer ,in very clear skies to my surpise it was only an OSPREY , ran quickly to get binns , and it sure was , then it got mobbed by a crow as it flew towards south cleveland hospital, my guess is it was heading towards lockwood or scaling . so anyone wanting a look get yourselfs up there , good look ; )
6:56am 16-05-2012
Claire Pearson
The two short-eared owls have reappeared on the moorland areas by the sides of the liverton road (near the former bunnyland) after a week of no sightings. I was getting worried because we have witnessed them being nearly knocked over many times in the recent couple of months - Its a pity there's no lower speed restriction on this particular stretch to help to protect this beautiful bird.
8:53pm 15-05-2012
Marty Barfoot
Cowpen Bewley..6.00-7.30pm.wit Gaz Cummings.
Nightingale very vocal and elusive.Took us a while to see( with a little help from a fellow birder).Watched it singing in Hawthorne then dropped to floor,cracking views.AlsoW/Warbler,Chiffchaff,Robin,Chaffinch
and plenty of Whitethroat.
3:11pm 15-05-2012
Ben Taylor
Spotted Flycatcher at Lockwood Beck.
11:09pm 14-05-2012
Enjoyable day out included, Spoonbill and copious Swift at Back Saltholme at 10.30am, several Wheatear at North Gare Road and Linnet at Zinc Road at 11.30am.Fleeting views of Nightingale along with Blackcap and Willow Warbler at Cowpen Bewley at 12.30pm, drake Garganey at Firestation Pool at 1pm and 15 minute views of Kingfisher at Portrack Marsh 1.45pm.
8:27pm 14-05-2012
Neil Simms
Sleddale : common buzzards active today with 4 together at one point. Wheatears everywhere,snipe very visual plus all the usual moorland birds.Grouse chicks on the moor and a few lapwing chicks in fields.Cuckoo heard but not seen. Nice close up of small adder.
5:21pm 14-05-2012
Bruce Caswell
Cuckoo in Seaton midday
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