If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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9:39am 09-10-2012
Toby Collett
95-ish Pink-footed Geese flew south over the car park around 9am and there are some Redpolls in with the finch feeding flock around the car park too. Unfortunately was against the light so couldn't make out much on them. Great Spotted Woodpecker at the VC.
7:24am 09-10-2012
Ian Forrest
It maybe a Merlin you saw, possibly the same one I saw which was a dark brown female/juv. A couple of people have mentioned to me seeing them catching dragonflies and stripping the wings off before eating them - both a male and a female on the reserve.
10:45pm 08-10-2012
Paul Fox
Watched a dark-coloured bird of prey from Saltholme cafe about 3:30 this afternoon. It was catching dragonflies and eating them mid-flight. From its colouring and behaviour I'd say it was a Hobby but I know it's a bit late in the year for them.
6:42pm 08-10-2012
ca. 150 Pink-footed geese flew south over Hartburn, about 10 minutes ago.
5:35pm 08-10-2012
Andrew Kinghorn
Yesterday evening:
1 Merlin, 2 Marsh Harrier, and a single Short-eared Owl over Dorman's Pool.
5:33pm 08-10-2012
Chris Sharp
A Bittern flew over Greenabella Marsh late p.m. and appeared to land on the Long Drag. Also Buzzard and Barn Owl on Greenabella.
4:47pm 08-10-2012
colin king
Whinchat and Reed Warbler at Coatham Marsh this pm.
4:23pm 08-10-2012
Ian Forrest
A little bit quiet bird wise this afternoon - until I called into RSPB Saltholme for 30 minutes and wandered over to the top tank.

3.00pm - Marsh Harrier over the sub-station.
3.10pm - Marsh Harrier mobbed by a Short-eared Owl over the grassy field by the top tank - Both headed off north across the A1185 and onto Cowpen Tip.
3.15pm - Merlin flew along the west edge of the main pool and gave very close views as it headed off north towards the Wildlife Watchpoint. Then as I turned back a Peregrine was circling over the visitor centre. The waders were up over Saltholme Ponds.
3.20pm - The Marsh Harrier flew back from the tip over to Haverton Hole but a few minutes later it came back being mobbed by two Crows. It headed back north to the tip.
3.30pm - Sparrowhawk female along west side of main pool until it saw me and headed off across the lake to the visitor centre.
Kestrel x3 around as well.
3:13pm 08-10-2012
David Smith
Out of area ,but as a point of interest, after reading report of flock of Jays. 370+ flew in off sea at Hunstanton Norfolk yesterday am, eventually over 500 were seen. Sunday 7th Oct.
12:35pm 08-10-2012
P&g birds
To Ali mc thanks for a very good walk.
A bit wet under foot at time's
10:52am 08-10-2012
peter garbutt
anyone wanting to see short-eared owls,i have had good views of them the last two days from saltholme at 4:30 and 4:20.the bird/s were seen hunting on the rough grassy area when looking out from paddys hide and even better when sat on the bench leading up to the hide.there were 2 seen together on friday and 1 yesterday which perched on a post,hunted then continued over the perimeter of the lake.these birds are seen at an early time near haverton hole.
10:31am 08-10-2012
peter garbutt
re:colins sighting of cuckoo,i had a young cuckoo at the sheepwash years ago seen perched in a bush giving good views;this was seen in october.
7:25pm 07-10-2012
Colin Mabbs
For Don & Ted, re: Hummersea today about 1'ish. Possible sighting of a cuckoo juv. in undergrowth east of seat on Cleveland Way possibly (yet again) of looked after by a little wren. Not knowing about cuckoos would this sighting be right? The cuckoo(?) soon disappeared further into the undergrowth just as my wife Margaret went to look. The bird was laid on a low branch in bushes, mainly grey in colour. Hope you or somebody else can put me right if I'm wrong, and, no I'm not the cuckoo.
7:18pm 07-10-2012
Graham Megson
Hummersea this morning v quiet - 2 stonechats, 2 robins, 1 kestrel and 1 whooper swan flying northwards.
6:31pm 07-10-2012
Ian Forrest
Greatham Creek - pm - SEO x4.

Wood Sandpiper and Common Sandpiper reported here by others in the two days.
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