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3:08pm 20-11-2011
Ian Forrest
Hartlepool Headland - am - Grey Phalarope still giving good views. Knot x61 flew in one colour ringed and with a green flag, several Purple Sandpipers one colour ringed and at least one other with a metal ring. Med. Gull x2 around though I only saw one.
8:55pm 19-11-2011
Steve Lynas
The dead Barn owl, had No ring on it looked like a very young bird. I think it was the about the 22nd of september, it was soon decomposed
8:08pm 19-11-2011
Thomas Hendry
In addition to afforementioned Velvet Scoters at Seaton Reach, I saw a Merlin at Seaton Common chasing wildfowl around 2:30pm.
A Weasel was also spotted at the rail station at 3:25pm... well worth the late train!
7:46pm 19-11-2011
Geoff Myers
Further to the message from Steve Lynas of a dead Barn Owl on the Middlesbrough to Guisborough road opposite Flatts Lane in September, I found a dead one further along this road between the Cross Keys and Windle Bridge Roundabout on 19th Sept. It was a bird fairly new from the nest. No ring.
7:39pm 19-11-2011
Ian Forrest
Dormans Pool - am - No sign of the Marsh Harrier, at least when I was there up to 9.15am. Stonechat x4 (two pairs) seen along track to the hide plus Redwing x2, Song Thrush x2, Kestrel & Peregrine. Lots of birds in the reeds in front of the hide - Reed Bunting 30+, Greenfinch 12+, Blue Tit x4, Great Tit x2, Wren x4.

Saltholme Pond west - Pintail x6, Goldeneye x2, Dunlin x1, Shoveler 12+. Lots of Golden Plover and Lapwing.

Phil Stead Hide - Little Egret x1, Redshank x2, Water rail x1, Snipe x1, Sparrowhawk x1 male. Wren, Blue Tit, Greenfinch, Kestrel, Goldfinch an Reed Bunting in trees beside hide. Fieldfare x2.

Wildlife Watchpoint - Ruff x1, Redshank x1, Sparrowhawk x1, Kestrel x1, Reed Bunting x2, Little Grebe x1. Tree Sparrow x6, Greenfinch & Goldfinch in bushes on approach to hide.

Hartlepool Headland - pm - Grey Phalarope still present and giving good views when it was by the Pilot Pier and more distant views when beside Heugh Pier.

Seaton Reach - Velvet Scoter 17+ mostly asleep!

Haverton Viewpoint - 3.50pm - a spectacular display as the Starlings came into roost. I'd guess at 15,000+ tonight. By far the best display I've seen locally this Autumn for numbers, air time and acrobatics.
6:14pm 19-11-2011
Large numbers of geese at Crookfoot Res today. One flock of 11 Tundra Bean Geese flew in from the north. 16 White-fronts and a couple more Bean Geese were in field on far side. Numbers could be higher as a large number remained distant and asleep. Smew also still present.
5:13pm 19-11-2011
Today at South Gare am,Stonechat x2, Linnet flock, R.T.Diver x2 and a Brent Goose in the first cove before the harbour.
At the Headland pm, Grey Phalarope giving great views on the south side of the breakwater, also Purple Sanpiper and Ringed Plover.
4:52pm 19-11-2011
Sean Baxter
Have just spotted a hobby resting on the cliff in the village of Staithes.
as dusk was falling it attempted to take a bat.
4:38pm 19-11-2011
Gary Sharples
In combination with Nick Preston.
Scaling Dam this afternoon: 75 White-fronted Geese, 2 Pink-footed Geese and 3 Barnacle Geese.
In field SE of Lockwood Beck the geese flock flew in later at about 3.30pm: 14 Tundra Bean Geese and 40 White-fronted Geese. Also Buzzard there.
4:30pm 19-11-2011
Mike Tucker
Steve, did you check the dead Barn owl for rings on its legs.
4:03pm 19-11-2011
Clive Greenley
Great views of the Grey Phalarope at lunchtime. 2 med gulls on the nearby rocks.
3:38pm 19-11-2011
Neil Simms
At Sleddale this morning kestrel, common buzzard, at least one rough legged buzzard and adult peregrine. 3 grey partridge and 100+ flock of linnets.
2:17pm 19-11-2011
Ian Forrest
Heugh Pier - 2.15pm - Grey Phalarope still.
11:45pm 18-11-2011
Ray Cox
Kestrel hovering over school field near Unity Academy at 4pm. Used to see them regularly in Park End, but much less regular since Sparrowhawks moved in. Is this coincidence or does one just out compete the other?
10:15pm 18-11-2011
Steve Lynas
At the end of September there was a dead Barn owl in the cycle lane oposite Flatts lane on the Guisborough to Middlesbrough road.
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