If you have any interesting bird sightings from Cleveland or the surrounding area please let others know by submitting your sighting. Posts from guests are welcome. To submit records for annual report please see info in 'Recording' section on main menu


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11:43pm 13-07-2012
R Earnshaw
Guisborough Forest 20.30 until 23.00 several woodcock very active. Nightjars very vocal but no sighting ( still not on my list ! )
10:22pm 13-07-2012
Bruce Caswell
Juv Black headed Gulls on Seaton golf course yesterday.
7:40pm 13-07-2012
Ian Forrest
Seaton Snook - am - not a great deal around. Only notable sighting was of a Northern Wheatear. Another was along the fence at the end of Zinc Works Road. Yellow wagtail x2 on North Gare access road.

Saltholme Ponds - east - RC Pochard still present. Bar-headed Goose on west pond. Little Egret x5 on Bottom Tank.
3:40pm 13-07-2012
Greater spotted woodpecker in garden yesterday in Eston.
10:20am 13-07-2012
G Megson
Dead juv cuckoo found under a window in Saltburn town centre this morning.
12:07am 13-07-2012
Ian Robinson
Just back from seeing Guisborough Goatsuckers (Nightjars) in fine voice and seen flying very close by.
10:35pm 12-07-2012
A McLee
Quail x7 west of Kirklevington - all in N Yorks however
9:39pm 12-07-2012
Ian Forrest
Crookfoot Res. - am - eclipse Goldeneye, Buzzard x2.

Saltholme east - RC Pochard.

Dormans Pool - Marsh Harrier, Peregrine x3.

Greatham Creek - Common Sandpiper, Dunlin x13, Avocet x1, Whimbrel x5, Little Egret x1, Little Ringed Plover x2, Little Gull, Barn Owl.

Ringlets at Hurworth Burn as well today.
9:16pm 12-07-2012
G Megson
Adult and fledgling stonechat on cliffs between saltburn and marske. Also plenty of sand martin fledglings.
8:35pm 12-07-2012
Neil Simms
Hobby over farm buildings west of Pinchinthorpe centre this evening. Barn owl hunting over cereal fields in same area. Two well grown little grebe chicks with adults on Pinchinthorpe ponds.
6:52pm 12-07-2012
A McLee
My first Ringlet butterflies of the year (x6) at Kirklevington - amazing what a bit of sun shine can do.
6:20pm 12-07-2012
Valda Walker
Whimbrel flew over garden at Hilton, near Yarm at 4.30pm today heading south.
5:52pm 12-07-2012
Damian Money
Whimbrel and 4 Crossbills flew south-east over Hunley Hall Golf Course this afternoon.
1:27pm 12-07-2012
James Robson
RC Pochard (male eclipse) still on centre of E Saltholme 11.20 and Marsh Harrier (cream crowned with missing primaries)
9:01am 12-07-2012
Julie Hogg
RC Pochard still present on East Saltholme 8.55. In centre with Pochards but asleep.
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